Thursday, March 13, 2008

Chantilly lace and a pretty face...

So some of you may not understand the uberness of resistance.

Mabd has been grinding gold lately to get unbound her elite flying mount. Mostly this involves going to netherwing and doin dailys there. I made exalted over the weekend, and Mabd now rides a dragon. /yawn

Anyway, Mabd was in the mines when a group from the Ally guild symphony of blades was ganking. The horde got together and wiped em all out, but well, we were all doin individual quests, and the gankers reformed, etc. etc.

I managed to assassinate a couple when they split up, but they would jsut get back together and come after me. My worst moment was with the prot pally. I catch him drinking, smack him around, and finally get him to run into aggro. With little mana and 2 flayers on him, he was screwed, and I was looking forward to the 10% damage he'd suffer when the reavers finally killed him.

Then up comes a horde shammy that pulls the insta cast chain on the damn cockroach, pulling the reavers off. Weak shammy too, the reavers killed him. (I let them, cuz I was pissed. The pally managed to flee to safety... friggin prot... my shots were hitting for 300 :(


So the entire ganking gang comes after me. I see a train of red dots movin my way, and know its time to get the hell outta dodge. Jump to the tracks, drop a frost trap, aspec on and RUN. However, they hadda hunter anda pally (bof's the warrior) with em, and aspect as well... so i get outside, outta LOS, and pop the mount. Just as mount spawns, warrior intercept/stuns me.

Then intimidating shouts me.

And proceeds to whale on my stunned ass for 11 seconds. How much damage did this season 2 sporting warrior do?

30%. I was still intha green when I got away.

I fly up, laugh at him and watch all 5 of em pour out, mount up, and fly around me in useless rage.

Ima sorry... my hunter has 330 resil and 11k health. Resil keeps ya in the game far more than the stamina does... cuz those crits HURT. Its the same reason warriors stack defense... sta alone don't cut it. So ifya gonna go pvp... bring the resil. Really. It's that important.


Anonymous said...

Don't feel too bad about the pally - he was probably about to Lay on Hands and receive full health and some mana anyway. ;)


Dagashai said...

No dammit, he'd just blown that and the bubble... full health, a little mana, but a viper sting he couldn't dispel due to scorpid poison, and two level 70 mobs hangin offa his nuts.

Goddamn idiot shammy.

Bastiaan said...

I'm guessing you mean resilience in the first line.

Like reading your blog, by the way

Hexapuma said...

Nice post, good read!