Tuesday, March 11, 2008

Games without frontiers, war without tears

I prob should write about the weekend's futile attempts to get BG quests done. Suffice to say... there mabd was at LM. Scattershot the pally guarding the flag, place the frost trap, start capping...

Pally walks into the frost trap! 6 Seconds and the flag is mine!

And then a horde hunter decides that the pally is just too irresistable a target and breaks my trap.

Or arena....

Melvin: "I'll just attack whatever Majeure is targeting."
Everybody: "NO! Maj is in charge of cc the healing, you focus with the other mage..."

Match starts, I sheep the pally healer... Melvin POM Pyro's him.

But you know all these stories... they happen week after freaking week.

So, instead, a book recommendation. Be warned... sometimes it's impossible to find. It's written by Kim Newman under a psudonym, and if ya never heard of Kim, look him up. He's worth it. The Anno Dracula series is a lotta fun.

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sonvar said...

Why do you torture yourself by continuing to play arena with Melvin. He may be a nice person but it seems anytime you're grouped with him that you might as well be talking to a wall.

I hope you told the hunter he's an idiot.

Bookwise I'm not much into dracula type stories but I'll at least check the link out