Friday, March 28, 2008

Cold winds blow... the gods look down in anger at this poor child

I dreamt I turned into a wolf the other night. I hada kill an evil rabbit.

God I have bizzare dreams.

Herk is bein a little pain again. Ima jerk, I admit. I would never want to play a warrior, cuz I know herk, and I doubt I could play a warrior half as well as he does. Still, he's takin his own sweet time getting up the learning curve on that druid.

Melvin is a ton of laughs... He was freaking out over the pvp token turn in. He saw the quest... got his gold and rep... then lost it when it wouldn't let him get more gold. You know, like every other damn rep turn in quest in the game, you get gold the first time, and usually nuttin after that.

He's started tanking with the feral druid. Ima trying to get him using that mouseover lacerate macro... cuz he woan really need help on one mob, but more than one... hes gonna suck. Spamming demoralizing roar can only do so much...

And yeah, Euripedes... Mabd of the Shattered Sun sounds SWEET.

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Ratshag said...

Been a long time crossing bridge of sighs...

And yes, evil rabbits must be killed.