Wednesday, March 5, 2008

I'm in the business of misery...

Arena was... weird... this last week.

Did 2v2 with Palmy, my priest pal. Now, week before last Palmy, who raids as shadow, asked that we try it with him as shadow spec...

We lost a lot, and fell below 1500.

So this week, back to disc, and went 6-4, losing three games to hunter/healer teams on the lordaron map. They ALL got away to drink after gibbing my pet. I gotta get better... anyway, we got em all outta mana, and then couldn't close the deal. Sigh.

Other game, rogue jumps palmy, I scatter shot him, I freeze trap him, and palmy neglects to heal himself and move. So when rogue pops outta trap, Palmy died. Sigh.

So... then we did 5v5 with Melvin and crew. At this point, it's almost like pounding nails into my head. I've been asking (bitching till their nuts fell off) that we start a new 5v5 team. At this point, we got about 14 toons that need arena points... one team is no longer cutting it.

Melvin is bad at math. It took this last week to convince him. So the current plan... Make a more or less competitive team with Melvin and Magebert's mages, my Majeure, Palmy's holy pal, and the rogue played by Palmy's roomate. And put the rest on the scrubs team.

We tried this lineup a bit, and it kinda works... mostly cuz Melvin and Magebert are epicced out... they still can't play, or focus fire worth a damn. It was hilarious... Palmy took over team leader, calling the common target over vent... Majeure's job was dps, and controlling anyone attacking Palmy. Melvin said... "hey, I can do that!"

Palmy told him... "um... no... Maj works better with me. You just dps."

Still its gonna suck as a 5 man, simply cuz of lack of l33t skills.

The nice thing. I've really earned Palmy's respect over last month of arena. I have high hopes for our 2v2, and we're gonna start a 3v3 with his priest, my mage, and his roommate's rogue. Unfortunately, the rogue... not so good. Excellent gear, but Bohdi (the roomate) plays the crappiest pvp warrior I've ever seen. And Ima getting upset with the rogue. Itsa bad sign when a priest can kite a rogue. And hesa not usin blind enough :(

Anyway.. the funny story. I getta call from Palmy on monday night. He got my number from Melvin. It turns out he wasn't able to do 5v5 or 3v3, was gonna have to rely on the 2v2 for points. Since we went 6-4 after a bad experience with his shadow spec, we were at 1514. Palmy needed exactly 300 points for a new piece of gear... so we need 2 more wins. Would I mind?

Of course not. We queue up, (13 min!) and wipe the floor with first team, rogue/priest. And I gotta tell you... Ima toasting rogues in Arena now. They go for Palmy, and I can usually spot em before they get to him...

Second team... Boomkin/Pally. WTF? Drains on pally, silence on boomkin to help palmy keep up with burst damage. Palmy mana burns, easy win. But right at the start of the match... Palmy loses his mind, and starts talking in vent with an exaggerated italian accent, reliving the exploits of the world's favorite video game character... mario!

"Oh no, the pally is coming to kill Mario! What is poor Mario to do?"
"What's with all the trees! Jump, Mario, jump!"

I was rolling... so we hit 1549, Palmy got his points, and we gonna slaughter em next week.

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Megan said...

Make sure to nab those Mushroom powerups on Blade's Edge bridge.