Monday, March 31, 2008

It's a lot like life, this play between the sheets

Ya know, it would be a hell of a lot easier if I just cut myself.

Instead... I pick up the phone when Melvin calls me.

"It's Sethek Halls time!"

Time to run an instance with Melvin's brand new, tankin bear druid.

Three 70's, Melvin, my poor unbound, and Magebert's ret pally. A 68 rogue, and a 68 boomkin healer.

And yes... you all know how it goes... Melvin can't tank muliple mobs worth a damn. The boomkin went down 6 times healing him. Melvin can't lead a party... he just sits and waits for crap to happen. He can't establish early aggro if someone else pulls... evidently the feral charge skill is too complicated....

Am I being to rough? He couldn't even hold aggro offa my searing totem. The boomkin would heal, get aggro, and I'd have to back stop and pull it offa him.

The piece de resistance... the f*cking idiot doesn't even have Imp Leader of the Pack. And yet he complains non-stop about how bad he is at pvp...

Two wipes, tons of deaths, we finish the instance, and Ima really not eager to go again with him... I tried to give the Boomkin some gold for the repair bill, but he was a good sport and refused...

Oh and Magebert gave new meaning to the ret part of ret pallydom. Melvin would pull with FF, and Magebert would get bored and charge the mobs before they got to Melvin... healer would have to help Magebert out, pulls his own aggro, and dies... then Magebert spends rest of fight off healing Melvin.

Later that night Melvin went to MrT. Magebert's holy priest healing, plus the Worst Warrior In Azeroth doin dps. Pugged a lock and mage.

4 hours later, they finish. Magebert had a 30g repair bill.. and Magebert is pretty much all tier 5. Itsa shame Arms&Fury put Herk out to pasture... where have all the good tanks gone?

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Anonymous said...

Here's a little story that incorporates where the good tanks are, Ret pallies, and MrT.

I've been a little bored lately, so I decided I should take all this Ret gear I've been accumulating by running Kara ad infinitum out for a spin. Lots of purple Kara gear, the chest from ZA, etc. To top it off, I do Arena every week but don't spend the points on anything, so I had enough to grab the s3 helm and s2 shoulders.

Let me tell you, with all the new Dailies to do, plus PvP, Ret is a heck of a lot of fun. Especially if your previous notion of how to kill something was to bring a friend to kill it while you keep it annoyed. Normally for Arenas I heal (while still spec'ed Prot) and my wife kills things (BM Hunter), but I thought I'd try it as Ret for once - we went 5-0 (our partners put in a middling 2-3, alas).

Alas, I spec'ed back to Prot on Saturday night to do a little Kara with the guildies, and stayed that way for our Sunday night attempt at Gruul. HKM down, still no joy on Gruul.

Monday night we gave Heroic MrT a second shot and one-shotted everyone but Kael. Got my awesome 57 STA trinket as well. :)

Okay, this was neither here nor there, but hell, anyone reading this probably likes WoW stories, right? That's why I'm here.