Thursday, March 20, 2008

I never meant to cause you any sorrow

Been pushing the shammy honor thing. Some thoughts...

First, 2.4 is gonna change a lotta things. And yet, people aren't quite as insanely anxious about it as they were 2.3. Maybe that has more to do with the amount of hunters and hunter-sympathizers in our little circle... 2.3 was, more or less, the hunter deliverance patch.

Class changes seem a bit more minor this time around. I really look forward to the improvements in the mage utility spells. I use those way too much... and would like spell steal to be a bit more than an annoying novelty in pvp.

As far as shammy pvp changes... the only real one seems to be toughness, and that seems almost useless.

The big changes... being able to outfit yuir new 70 toon in high warlord gear right away seems a big one. Blizzard has a hard time keeping old content new... this change seems destined to make the 70 5 mans even more obsolete for those hoping for gear. As things stand, pve-ers are better served running bgs non stop for the season 1 glad gear than running 5 mans... will anyone run SH after 2.4? At least non heroic....

And does this mean that we have to run them all in heroic mode now? Dude... thats gonna suck big time for us puggers. I've seen more stone cold fools lately just doin these things in normal...

Sunwell should be interesting. I foresee a river of blood flowing on the pvp servers. I drink your elixer! I drink it up!

Anyway... logged in the other day... WSG was the BG daily.

Queue pops... jump in. Game just starting, 10 allies to 5 horde. Lovely.

Alliance premade. Precious.

Whom we beat 3-0. Priceless.

Thos I swear... one of those season 2 2h sword wielding warrior fools had my damn number. I think he killed me 10 times... ignoring the flag carrier to do so.


Dammerung said...

I was thinking that shortening Ghost Wolf from 1 sec with talents to instant cast with talents would be a big change.

But as I write this I'm not sure if this is in the actual patch notes or not.

sonvar said...

They're at least attempting to Enhancement shamans a bit better in pvp but doesn't seem quite enough. Shamanistic rage to me should work similar to The beast within in my opinion. In shamans case put it at 15 secs, immunity to CC, regain mana from hits, and the 30% damage reduction. At least to me the idea behind any rage was you ignored things that would try to contain you.

On another note were you at TJ's blogtv thing last night? That was funny between TJ and the chatting.