Thursday, January 10, 2008

and whether pigs have wings...

Just cap the freaking flag. Do you understand? JUST CAP THE FREAKING FLAG. If you near it, cap it. If someone else is capping, keep the other side the hell offa them until its done.

Ran up to LM in AB with Mabd, right behind a warrior. The warrior stops to cap, I move to other side to intecept in incoming druid. Scattershot.
Freeze trap.

Then the warrior stops the capping process to charge the ice trapped elf.

I think I broke some blood vessels screaming at my monitor.

OTOH, last night, I went into the mine. Stupid little dwarven priest defending... scattershot

lay freeze trap

start capping.

He trinkets outta teh SS and walks right into the freeze trap. Flag cap. Then I kill him. I got just one question...

If I /laugh at him, will that break the flag cap channel?

Sigh.. as for Enhance shammy pvp...

It didn't happen. There was no such beast. After 70, when you run into resil, all those talents that proc on crits just go away. Arena with an enhance shammy was like Arena with a holy priest. You just gonna be a lamb to the slaughter.

Now with the Shamanistic Fury talent, there might be a chance. 30% reduced damage for 30 secs is HUGE. A shammy pain suppresion. And the +spell power offa attack power adds a great deal of healing and non physical damage to the table. Unbound was trashing a coupla 69 warriors in BG last weekend. (Tho last night I ran into a prot warrior that just annoyed the HELL outta me. Shield bash silence spamming scumbag!)

Still, rogues will eat yo lunch. Sigh.

I dunno. I'm torn between trying enhance for a while at 70, and jumping straight to resto. I KNOW resto is almost unstoppable. And there is always the critical and dire need for healers. Still enhance is an awsome rush... What's the opinion? Let me have some input... I could easily have the honor for the dual season one weapons for when I turn 70, and then try enhance for a while... With the major talent changes, Enhance might really become viable. Or is it a pipe dream? Am I just being the shammy version of a ret (pal) noob?

And it's been a while since a non WoW item... here's one of my new pet peeves... Papa John's.

First... Arlington pizza is so wretched, I would consider Papa John's outta desperation. But not too seriously... still, I look at the flyer and... No phone number! WTH? How can you try to sell pizza delivery without putting your number on the damn flyer? Its all, "CHECK US OUT ONLINE!" and "LOOK US UP IN THE PHONE BOOK!"

Then they want your address and personal info before you can even look at the menu. What part of "screw that" do they not understand? My attention span is short. I'm not gonna spend 10 min creating an account to order a goddamn pizza. I can pick up the phone and have a pizza in 10 min from your competitors...

It is at this point that I urge you to sell any Papa John's stock you have. Any company this freakin clueless is doomed.


Kirk said...

Three disjointed responses. First,

"But wait a bit" (Sorry, nobody else has bitten and I can't refrain.)

Second, dying like a Holy Priest -- I totally resemble that remark. In arena, that is. In BG... in an earlier post you spoke of tunnel vision. If I can link with a fired-up pvp - excluding a rogue - I live pretty much all the time. Rogues are the exception because they keep disappearing, at which point tunnel vision goes to "where is he where is he where is - wait, a priest! MEAT!!!!" On the other hand the most fun is to work with a hunter. Spec doesn't really matter, though I admit to a particularly evil sense of glee seeing a warrior die to a survival hunter who decided to melee.

Finally, three - Papa Johns. If it were a local problem I'd disagree - your franchise might die but the chain... As it is, it's a nationwide behavior. I dumped mine on some other stupidities, but yep.

Dammerung said...

Dear, Santa Renoobed, all I want for christmas is a talent that counters resiliance. I don't even know what it is but it scares me and I don't want to have to live with it. Please don't turn me down you are my only hope as everyone else says I'll pvp my eyes out.


p.s. Or some form of crowd control?

Graham said...

I love the "motif" running through your recent post titles. Keep it up. And of course, I always love hearing about PVP, bad news or not.

The Papa John's in my area closed down a few years ago. Something about not paying the rent on their building and getting evicted...

Euripedes said...

Don't level to 70. Just don't do it. REFUSE to do it.

Resilience pretty much destroyed classes / specs that rely a great deal on offensive critical strikes, if said class doesn't have any other options.

Enhancement shamans are, sadly, the best example of this. So many talents that pwn off of proc based talents, and like you said, it all goes away.

Personally, what I would do, stay at 69. Play battlegrounds for a substantially long time. Enough to get at least 6 or 7 resto shammy PvP pieces.
Resto shaman are incredibly good at arenas, especially on bigger teams (Picture a 5v5, for example, with a resto shammy spamming chain heal). And when geared right the hell out with resilience and stamina, cannot be killed, unless the fight is 5 versus one.

Just my three cents.