Thursday, September 20, 2007

Nuts and bolts of molten armor....

So, anyway... Shalkis took me to task, correctly, over my Molten armor post. Molten armor does NOT get the benefit of +spell damage.

My mistake was looking at something that, according to the tooltip, did 75 damage... and seeing 103...

Where did this 103 come from?

Well... after good old fashioned BRK type research... (find a helpless mob and torment it....)

Molten armor is affected by a variety of fire talents. Impact and Ignite you should all know... another one... Imp scorch... for each scorch counter, the mob takes 3% more fire damage. (In the screen shot, the pig has 3 on him for a 9% damage hike)

Fire power (5/5) 10% more damage from fire spells...

Hence this particular screen shot. ( I took a bunch.) Note the earliest MA hit only does 90 damage. Thats MA + FP +ImpSco (x3)

AND that the damage modifiers are applied as...
75 x 1.10 (firepower) x 1.09 (imp scorch) = 89.925
instead of
75 x [1 + .1 (firepower) +.09 (imp scorch)] = 89.25

This damage formula is more clear with the next element.

But the next hits are for 108 base. This is cuz another fire talent kicks in. Molten Fury. Targets with less than 20% health take 20% more damage from your fire spells.

So now it's... 75 x 1.1 (firepower) x 1.09 (scorch) x 1.2 (molten fury) = 107.91

Again, if the formula was

75 x [1 + .1 + .09 +.2] the result would be 104.25

... this could be useful to know.

Anyway, crit for 162. AND an ignite for 65. 227 total damage offa MA armor hit.

Shalkis... that's a healthy chunk. So to end where I began... MA poses a unique threat to the health of BM hunter pets... if you send your pet at a fire mage at extreme range... don't be surpised if he doesn't come back.

Other discoveries... I ran my combustion up to 7 counters... so I had a near 100% crit chance with fire... it didn't affect my MA crits :(

This weekend I'm gonna take the mabd and the fleabag out, and let melvin sheep tuna-breath over and over... while trying to dispell with imp mend pet. Let's see just how effective it is at debuffing...

Oh yeah, nother Melvin story. Call it a reward for scrolling through all the boring numbers....

Melvin does netherwing with his mage. Melvin is constitutionally incapable of passing up a chance to gank a warlock if he thinks he can get away with it. Well.. any alliance, but specifically warlocks. So... whatever happened... he has a running war going with an uber lock named Shaftian. (look this one up on armory... she's just damn nasty...) Every time they meet in the netherwing mines, Melvin calls for help, waits till shaft has aggro, and goes after her.

Melvin has given up on actually beating shaft in anything approaching a fair fight. Or unfair fight. (My fav... he tried to kill her while she was fighting a 71 elite and still lost.) At least with his mage. His shaman, on the other hand...

Well... Melvin, cuz of his obsessive compulsive farming habits, has close to 10k gold. His shaman alt still has a normal mount.

I know, it doesn't make sense to me either.

But he steadfastly refused to buy the shammy an elite mount until the whole shaftian conflict began. He now sees the shammy as his best way of getting revenge. His mage can't beat the lock... his shammy... better chance.

So he's gonna talk himself into buying an elite mount for the alt just to have a better chance to gank some poor lock doin her dailies. *sigh*

But they've already met. Melvin, on his shammy, encountered said lock in skettis. Now this is Melvin. Melvin is many things. Subtle isn't on the list. He totems up (shammy is elemental). And gets ready to rock shaftian's world.

Shaftian drinks an invis pot and gets outta dodge.

"NOOOOOO...." Melvin cried to the uncaring heavens. And then to me, recounting the sad sad story. And now the punch line...

"If only there was a way for my shammy to dot her up so she couldn't do that!"


ComputerSherpa said...

So if you enrage a felboar which was previously it then reranged?

Stiksy said...

Does this mean that you can kill a felboar just with fel armor?


Edward said...

Having both a 70 fire mage (10/48/3)and a 70 BM hunter (41/10/0) I can safely say that mages will have a tough time with a BM hunter's pet. Most BM hunters will enrage their pet on any caster. That's 18 seconds of mage getting pummeled with no way to stop the pet. Immune to polymorph, impact, frost nova, the daze effect from blast wave. On top of that, Intimidation will stop that mage dead in his tracks for 3 seconds.

Any BM hunter worth his weight in salt will have a Mend Pet cooking, totally negating the damage done by molten armor.

I'm not saying the pet will make it safely back to master, but molten armor isn't going to cause enough damage on it's own to seriously hurt the pet.

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