Saturday, September 22, 2007


We all have an inner drama queen. Admit it. Right now, mine wants me to start the blog the following way...

I had a friend who cut himself. An awesome guy that everyone loved, but everytime we saw him, there was another 2-3 inch scar somewhere visible... or a cast. Once, he broke his wrist in 4 places.

After last night's Kara run... I understand why he did that to himself.

Cept that's just retarded. Our inner demons are no laughing matter... and it's just a damn game. Lonnie had serious issues, and it is inappropriate in the extreme to compare last night's fustration to what he went through in his life. Still... we all have the inner drama queen.

AND, it's not a good sign when your jaw aches from grinding your teeth, and you keep telling yourself.. "It's just a motherf#%$^#! game, goddammit!"

Kara sucked.

The only thing that could have gone wrong that didn't... guild drama. And even that might have been a welcome relief.

This week the rot group was a little slow on the first night. No real wipes, but we only took Attumen, Moroes, and the Maiden.

Thursday, the group got nothing done. I didn't run with them.

Last night, I was asked to go... I normally don't raid on fridays, and yesterday was kinda weird for me. I went shopping and blew way too much. I tend to get a little weird after doing that. Which explains my passivity when everything went to hell, but anyway...

Now, for a Kara raid... you need a raid leader. You need a good tank. And you need a good healer. Our leader was the best healer in the guild, a resto druid with decent gear, and impeccable timing. However... the raid makeup was... 1 tank (prot warrior). 1 resto druid. 2 holy priests. 2 mages (melvin was one). 2 rogues (one epicced out) . 1 uber elemental shammy. And mabd, the bm hunter.

Only one tank. So we hit the arcane guardians.... and kite one while trying to kill the other... the problem... our tank kept having lag issues. So we wipe twice, especially with the whole kite thing not working because every damn mob in kara decided to bug on us. Then the druid, our raid leader... dc's. And doesn't come back.

K... one of our mages switches in his holy priest. Magebert joins the party. And we start clearing those damn arcane mobs that can only be killed with mana attacks. And the warrior is lagging. And we have three priests... all holy... all undergeared... one with +1100 healing, one with +1000 healing, and the mage's alt has +900 healing. The shammy switches to alt healing... (with +800 spell damage and +20% crit, the shammy was the best healer in the group at this point...)

And we still wiping every other pull. But we settle down, the priests get control, and we're on the next to last arcane pull... when the shammy disappears.

"What the hell is going on!" we're screaming in vent. The response from our shammy...

"I got kicked by a gm. He told me I had to rename my character, and kicked me in the middle of the fight."


By the time we straighted it out... and CCNP renamed his shammy to Tiredangel... the mobs had reset, and we had all had to relog. And tired had to take a half hour to redo his ui mods (since they're set by character name...)

We try again. And clear to curator. And the tank is still having problems... its bad when the first thing you see on the mob the tank is pulling is a taunt. And we wipe twice just because he lag runs into mobs before we're ready. And we wipe on curator same way. But we try again... get the curator fight goin... get curator down to 60% by end of first evoke. And the rogues go down, and hateful bolts fill the air. While one of our priests (the one with the most healing...) is running around in circles being chased by a flare.

Then melvin decides to be helpful... "We have too many healers... we need more dps..."

WHY ON EARTH anyone would listen to melvin at any point, I DO NOT KNOW. But they do. And the mage who was playing his priest went back to playing his mage. So we try curator with only two, very undergeared healers... and don't even make it intact to an evoke again in the next three tries.

I'm just gonna watch freaking football this weekend. Screw this game.


Doogie said...

Sounds like you need a new guild.

Anonymous said...

Is Melvin Hegemonia and magebert Killacali

Sonvar said...

I've heard of GM's telling people they had to change a character's name but I don't remember hearing that they got kicked when it happened. What was his character's name in the first place?

As far as getting frustrated it happens to everyone. Its even worse when you can only deal with PUG groups and everytime one of the members has a hissy about something so we end up stopping before its done. This is the reason I still have not completed any BC instances besides Hellfire Ramparts.

Graham said...

I still love you <3

In the best way possible.