Tuesday, September 11, 2007

Grrrr... Notes to self

Must remember to use scorpid sting in raids.

Ima n00b :(

Must fix macros. Macro upkeep is part of the game, especially now that I found out about #show.

Must fish before next kara run. Golden sticks for the healers, and trout for the furball.

Must steal pens from work, I'm out at home.

God bless this country and keep it safe. I pass the pentagon each day on my commute :(

Never trust a damn gnome.

Seriously... how the hell do you target them? They always hide inside things...

Rot group was running kara2 sunday.. I was signed up, time was 9pm server... I log on at 8, they already in.
And I dunno how to feel bout that.

Ah well.

Went 3-2 in arena, then had to log to watch the LSU-VT game. Had a replacement for me. Get back on, they went 1-4 without me.

"We ran into a group of 3 priests and 2 locks! It was a slaughter!"

"Melvin, tremor totem is THAT hard to cast for you?"

"They wanded it!"

"THERE'S NO COOLDOWN! Keep casting it!"

"How am I supposed to know when to recast it?"


Still waiting for him to cast blood lust in a raid....

All n00bs are NOT created equal...

I got ganked by a lock in skettis. I was in a group of 5, the lock died almost instantly, and I still died, due to DoTs.

Let's face it people, at this point the nerf hammer blizz is gonna use on locks has to be visible from space. My recommendation...

FIX BANDAGES. It is INSANE that a DoT will break first aid.

"He's gushing blood all over the place! We'll have to wait to bandage him!"

What can you do? That's right... eat.

Spock: Doctor, the Captain's life is being drained by malign forces...

McCoy: What do you want ME to do about it? I'm a doctor, not a chef!

I need more RAP. I have serious RAP envy. 1325 is not enough... OTOH, 26% crit is super sweet :)

26% crit and the gladiator xbow? It's like going through life with yo pet's growl off all the time :P

Now that I know how to make insanely good cream gravy, I miss my stepmom's home made biscuits.

I need to read and write more.

I need to get to work earlier.

I need to level the mage more. Did BF over weekend, was a ton of fun. I miss running instances with parties that aren't overpowered for them.

Must call my relatives and tell them I love them. Been a while.

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