Sunday, September 23, 2007

Melvin decides to teach me a lesson...

K... didn't want to play this weekend after the crap Kara run, but had to do arena.
It was kinda strange... we had enough people for Mabd to take a few matches off. And we added some people, including a great, if undergeared lock, and a smokin prot warrior. (Yeah, you read that right...)
I'll write more on the whole 5v5 thing, and BM hunter tactics later this week. But it was a milestone in another way. Melvin finally friggin listened to me! Or rather... he decided to teach me a lesson.
Looking at the damage chart, you see what the game looks like when melvin and magebert arent running their pom mages. Well, by the time I joined up, they had cycled melvin's elemental shammy and mageberts holy priest in.
BTW, this is the wrong screenshot. I neglected to take a pivotal one...
We went 7-5. Mabd had 5 games, goin 3-2. 3 of them were against the same team. The team was a druid, lock, mage, pally and priest. Ton of healing on both sides as we had the return of the pog, the crap arms warrior, palm, the decent shadow priest, melvin's elemental shammy, magebert's holy priest, and mabd.
The first match against this team went for like 5 minutes. Noone died, everyone was healing. Then they ran outta mana, and we crushed em.
Now a note. Beforehand, Mabd gives her little lecture to Melvin. "Melvin, we have no CC... you have to stop the healers. I shout "Paladin" and I need you on him like furball on fish."
What does Melvin do the first game? Off heal.
Second game, they get their act together, and concentrate dps on me, while disrupting melvin and magebert. I go down after like a minute, and then we lose. See... the other side looks at these damage meters as well, and prioritizes their target list accordingly...
So another little lecture... Melvin... you gotta stop that pally. "I can't! I have to heal you! You're the dps of the group!"
"Melvin... LET ME DIE. Stop the damn pally from healing."
Third game... to teach me a lesson, melvin goes after the pally, and lets the +1600 healing holy priest try to keep me up...
I fall, the enemy lock falls a second later (cat claws all over his dead demonkissing butt)... and the pally bubbles and RUNS from Melvin's elemental shammy... We crush em in short order :)
Melvin: "Wow. I can do real damage when I need to!"

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Peashooter said...

w00t, Melvin does well, here's hoping he's learning

I've been reading your blog for about a month and I didn't know where to post this, so I guess this'll have to do.
You, BRK, and Ego sorta inspired me to start my own blog... on lvling a hunter. now its been 2 weeks with no comments, so now I'm asking all of you to take a look at it and give me a few much-needed suggestions on how to make it better.