Monday, September 17, 2007


Went 7-3 in 3v3 arena. Need to do more of that, I think in the long run, its better for points.

I should have a post up later today... Molten Armor and You. Mage crap. I'm not really sure I should be talking tactics about any class, especially ones like hunters and mages, that I play so badly. Anyway, we all know this blog is just a place for me to vent on Melvin.

I'm not joking. I used to have to call Herk every sunday night.. "can you believe what he did this time?" Much easier to write it all down in a place noone will ever read it :)

And Herk needs to start writing again.

T.J. needs to get that damn mount. Grind that faction. Bug killing, feral cat taming, purple stocking wearing insanity is SOOO sexy now. And BRK really needs to be humiliated again. GRIND BABY!

Reasons to celebrate. I got my first troll!

On my lament over no kara drops...

Stropp said...
Lol. That's not always the case. One evening I went on an excursion through UBRS/LBRS with the guild and picked up three or four pieces of the Beaststalkers. Four I think. It was a while ago. So, fortunately, I can't make the same claim of cursage.

Stropp, buddy... here's what you can do.

Post to BRK. Tell him you got the sonic spear on the first time through SL. And the next three times you ran it, (for faction) it dropped and was sharded.

Include your RL address. Go on. It'll be a hoot.

Anyway, gonna do "Molten Armor and You."

Some other post ideas I've had.

"Ice Armor and You."
"Skettis Ganking and You."
"Shaman and You."
"Why I post about WOW at work and am too damn tired to play during the week and You."
"Chainsaws and You."

Although that last one doesn't really capture the essence of the post idea. Another title for it...

"Healing leather dropped in Kara again. RUN TREE RUN!"

I swear to god... let me roll on it, I'll wear it, just let me have a purple.... I'll off heal, I'll tank, I'll do anything... /SOB

Hey, I just figured out why they put carpet on the walls here at work :)

Obligatory Melvin story. Oh yeah, we went 6-4 in 5v5 arena. Slowly, we improve. The trick is not to let melvin play a dps character... I'm getting tired of dying , then watching him run around with his mage not attacking anyone.

But anyway.. Melvin was trying to explain the Prince fight. Meanwhile, I had the fight description up from WoWWiki.

"He casts this debuff. It reduces your health to 1!"

"Yeah, your troll mage should love that."

"What do you mean?"

"Your racial ability. You go berserk and cast spells 30% faster."

"Oh I don't cast spells when I'm enfeebled! That would be crazy! I take any damage and I die...I can't risk the aggro!"

"er... you have to keep doing damage, or the prince won't die and the raid will wipe..."

"Yeah, I just wait for the debuff to go away."

You now know why tanks beat Melvin's mage on damage meters..


Sonvar said...

How did Melvin get a character to lvl 70 if he waits till debuffs go away till he'll do damage?

Dagashai said...

Not all debuffs.. just the one by the prince.

See... Melvin feels it is his responsibility to avoid dying in raids.

Which is laudable.

But gimping your damage like a fool, and refusing to take aggro reducing talents...


I'm not joking. He's usually last among dps classes on the meters. And he's epic'ed out.

OTOH, he's cautious enough to avoid causing a wipe. Of course, if things go to hell, he won't be the one to pick up the slack with improvised brilliance.

He doesn't use a damage meter, btw. He feels that it's unimportant. He gauges his total damage done by where he is on KTM.

Did I ever mention it took me a month to explain the scorch build to him?