Thursday, September 11, 2008

That nothing comes from violence and nothing ever could

Meh. Not much to say. After reading the tease for Mirror Image on wowinsider, I realized something.

WotLK is NOT comin out anytime soon. Any spell that damn broken... well...

Ima pretty sure Blizz is pushin 3.0 to hit as freaking soon as possible, in an effort to interrupt Warhammer.

My take... EA sucks donkey balls. I love the world of warhammer, and will probably play the game... but I doubt EA has the ability, and know for goddamn sure it lacks the integrity to sucessfully run this game. Blizzard has a hard earned reputation for quality. EA has a well deserved reputation for... something else.

Still.. lookin at whats goin on beta side, November is lookin less and less likely. 3.0 this month... less and less likely. Yeah, I saw the same WotLK crap downloaded to my browser last night... Ima not buyin it.

Anyway... A&F... you gotta homework assignment... read this guy.

"The first serious 2's team I ever ran on my resto druid was Warrior/Druid and mid Season3, we hit 1850 over the course of a few weeks, in small managable chunks. The reason for the low number of games here and there was due to the amount of rage that I would generate watching my warrior tunnel vision himself or myself to death. I don't know what it is with warriors, but your average warrior has the field vision of a toilet paper tube monocle."

Chu, I should probably warn you.. I hate people that are wittier than I am. And yeah... I spend a lotta time hatin a lotta people.

Fer the rest of you... this guy came up in discussion the other day. A quick poll of my rather well educated workers... and almost no one knew the name. Which is a shame.

Why is this relevant? Cuz I'm reading this. Really good book... but a lotta back story you gotta know to fully grasp. Powers is one of the more.. ah... literate writers I know. Considering his best is probably still The Stress of her Regard, a novel about vampires and romantic poets that DOESN'T make you feel like a poofster after reading it... And yes, the book came out well before Corpse Bride, with which it shares a plot device.

K, lastly.. a story. I've been talkin to my Baton Rouge peeps. And yeah, that's Baton Rouge, not Baton Rogue! Kissit wowsters! Anyway, this tale was just too strange...

My friend Dave V lives ina bad part of town. Now, parts of BR are still under curfew since the storm. Dave told me that the Tennessee national guard arrested two people the other day for violating curfew...

D: "And prostitution charges. They propositioned some guardsmen."

"This surprises you?"


"Again, this surprises you?"

"Not really... but them Tennessee boys doan know what to make of Plank Road..."


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