Wednesday, September 17, 2008

Just nod if you can hear me.

K... so Melvin's lock is now his favorite character.

And he plays it like a tard.

And not in a good way. Why do I bitch about life tap? Well... if there's one damn thing I've picked up from arena, besides the fact that you're LUCKY if your warrior partner uses something as sophisticated as a reptile forebrain to make decisions...

Yeah, aside from that, I've learned how important mana management is. Now, playin a mage and a hunter, both mana classes, you know a little bit about mana management. The difference between l33t and epikfailz is timing the mana regen during boss fights.

But fer healerz, its a whole other level. DPS can afford to sit back and regen, while wanding or autoshotting. Healers... we run outta mana, and its game over, man. One problem I've been havin in Arena is the question of burning through my mana for the gib, or sittin on it (or drinking) while the Lizard King burns through rage. I get criticized for both.

Locks kinda have this problem too. On the one hand, they're dps... so they're allowed to run outta mana. On the otherhand, their spells are so mana intensive that they really,
really need to have their next life tap planned out before refreshing all dots and debuffs. Which means you can't let yourself get caught without mana and at half health while the raid healerz are too busy keepin everyone up to get you back on yuir dps.

PvP, this kinda works the same way. If you get life tap up on two or three targets... and you AIN'T gettin trained... even if your at 60-70% mana, life tap. Thats free healz, not to mention normal health regen. There's no excuse for lettin that stream of stolen life goodness go to waste.

Why am I bitching about this again? Shouldn't this be obvious to everyone playin a lock? Well... you already know this answer.

Now normally, I avoid BG's with Melvin like the plague. He's not a bad player, strategy wise... he just can't play his toon. Its not bad if he has his full season 3 toon out. But if he's spottin gear as well... its gonna be ugly.

Unfortunately, the gods of daily questin gave us AB last night. And when I got into one... Melvin was there with his lock as well. And when we got into a dust up... he steadfastly refused to life tap, even as I was healin him.

He was tryin to mana back up with drain mana.

I told him to life tap after the battle so we could rush to next stop.

Melvin: "I don't need to, it'll come back fast enough..."
Renoob: "You really are too stupid for words..."
Melvin: "Hey, don't tell me how to play a lock til you get one to 70 yourself..."

What makes me especially bitter... I played a few AB's... and won em all. (Cept the one I came in with the score ally 1800, horde 1200)
And the next two games... I hooked up with a lock that knew how to play his toon. UA lock... never let his mana drop below 30%, confident that I would keep him up. He was top dps in both games, I was top healz, allies never had a chance.

The synergy between lock and healer... is like the synergy between me and Summer Glau. It's magic baby... a precious and special thing unspeakably violated by the corrution that is Melvin. His mere existence turns dark night into bad indoor lighting. Turn locks, masters of hell, into DMV workers.

Not threatening... annoying.

So here is my manifesto, my lock cousins... TAKE BACK THE NIGHT! PURGE YUIR RANKS OF LOCKTARDS!

You doan WANNA be the huntards of WotLK.


Anonymous said...

I'm pretty sure Melvin will be a tard of any class. You'd think at some point he'd realize something is wrong when people only play with him to see what dumb things he does next.

Anonymous said...

and you won't even try to help me............

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