Friday, September 19, 2008

All we have to do now is take these lies and make them true somehow

Happy fun weekend. Got a lot done at work, almost caught up.

Had a stupid question to answer at work... and yes, there might not be any stupid questions, but there are tons of inquisitive idiots...

And I have to take exception to Out of Mana. Even if it gets me killed. Painfully.

EotS is a kinda weird BG. There are 5 spots that you need to control. The four bases, and where ever the flag is.

Possess three of these through most of the game and you win.

If you have three bases for half the game, and the other side has one base and the flag the entire game, plus another base through half the game... you will lose.

The flag is worth more than any base. A side that holds two bases and the flag will score twice as many points as a side that holds only 2 bases.

Flag = almost 2 bases.

The flag must be controlled, or you must control three bases. And while you try for three bases... you gotta make sure the flag is contested. If you let the other side run the flag, and you take too long to catch that third base... you will lose.

Here's my problem. I get into EotS games, and people try for the three bases, hit a base with enough d to hold, and fall behind by 3-4oo points while the other side runs the flag while holding on to two bases by their teeth.

And if we get down to one base, and everyone goes into emergency "get another base" mode... while letting the other side cap one or two flags... autofailz.

Now, here's my problem. If you have only one base... you can last a while without getting hopelessly behind, if and only if you can keep the flag out of the hands of the other side. Just don't panic. It takes time for the other side to build a lead, especially if yuir able to run the flag a coupla times instead of just hold it.

The problem is that most peeps in BGs are undergeared idiots. You'll get too many trying to fight for control of the middle instead of for another base. You can't afford this.

But megs, love... you can't afford to let the flag fall into the other side's hands if they have 3 bases either. Two caps, and yuir dead. Yuir makin a mistake blaming the fight in the middle for failz. It just the same stupidity that leads people to sit and "defend" yuir one base, or split up and attack all three other bases instead of concentratin on one.

Here's the problem with strategy and BG's... I doan trust most of these pve fools to do more than get killed in short order. There comes a point where you realize... even if I get 10 of them to that base with only 5 defenders... we'll still lose. My team just sucks that much.

If you can't trust them to keep out of the middle when there's no point to it... you can't trust them to take another base in the face of a real defense. Yuir just screwed. And lets face it... they doan wanna attack. They wanna sit at their one base and gank that prot pally or warrior that keeps single handedly trying to take your base. Which leads us to the Code of the BGtard:

"Heh... guy must be a real idiot, huh. Imagine his repair bill after gettin killed that much! I never die in BG's, that's how I know Ima winner. It's just the rest of the team that lets me down..."

So, my problem with yuir argument. Ima mid flag guy. I'll d bases, but I obsess about the flag. And I play in BG's sometime where people would rather run past the flag to fight on the road than stop, grab it, and run it back.

Anyway Ima goin through a weird time in AV... I stopped playing D so I could follow the attackers and make sure there's at least one freaking defender in bunkers... It's almost painful sometimes. I'd love to be able to put together a recapture tower squad in these games... but can't find enough people with the balls.

Read a coupla really neat fantasy books lately.

This, which is just beautifully written. A bit slow, but stayed up all night reading it last week. I doan have higher praise. OTOH, I might be goin insane. So be warned.

And this, by one of my favorite authors. Really dark tho. Every male character, with the exception of two, is either a soul eating monster or a child rapist. Ima not sure what the hell she's tryin to get at here... oh and the two that aren't.. one is a very minor char (which will change) and the other comes to a horrible end.

BTW, ifn yuir wonderin... I like my souls with ranch dressing. Yum!


Pidge said...

Thanks for the reading recommendation. Name of the Wind sounds intriguing.

Read Feast of Souls and actually liked it in spite of the graphic parts. It got high points for its twist on magic.Can't say I liked the other stuff but I thought it did fit into a continual theme of subjugation and destruction that runs through the book and helped explain how the protagonist got the will to survive where no other woman did. I'm interested to see where it goes. Plus I was a huge fan of the Coldfire trilogy.

Anonymous said...

[I interrupt this response to pass a message. Tag. . I now return to the response to your post.]

Good books. About the towers, however, ... you're right. I did a theorycraft run on the whole thing, but let's summarize.

You get 1 | 2 | 5 | 10 points per tick (two seconds per tick) per tower held.

You get 75 | 85 | 100 | 500 points per cap per tower held.

Unopposed, uninterrupted, a fast runner can cap the flag every ten ticks. Holding a single tower the whole time gives this team 85 points per ten ticks, and it would take a bit over 235 ticks to win. If in exchange the other team takes and holds three towers and never take a flag, they need 400 ticks to win.

If the three-tower team can halve the cap rate so it takes 20 ticks per cap, THEN the three-tower can win. Assuming (big assumption) you can hold all three, and that you can slow the cap rate that much.

Given all that: Hold one tower all the time, swap out a second tower, and do all the capping, and you win. You have to do both, but if you have to emphasize, emphasize the flag.


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My response, RAWR:


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