Monday, September 22, 2008

Just an old fashioned love song...

Man, this game has its claws im me.

I lost internet saturday, and almost lost my mind. I was so looking forward to farming more herbage fer the upcoming Inscription run.

I will not play a death knight.

I will not play a death knight.

I have three characters already... I swear to god, I will not play a death knight.

(Who the hell am I kidding?)

Best lovers? Priests. Given the choice between makin out and leveling a priest... smoochies!

Can't say that about my hunter or shammy. My poor mage has become dusty tho... :(

Latest word on the Beta. They gave resto shammies a new top tier talent.

It used to be spirit link... but that was just too weird. And either they nerfed it into oblivion, or it would be the most awesome arena talent ever made.

So what are shammies gettin now? Only the best heal in arena. Insta cast regrowth, baby! Only a 6 sec cooldown? Oh man, there's no damn way they gonna let this in. Especially with the other buffs shammies got. Must haz moar critz, plz. I might even start wearing +crit trinkets...

My breakdown... pallies and druids got aoe healz. Yawn. Priests got... well, nothing great. Shammies got stuff to make them better single target healers. Lifebloom met a pack of bikers in a bar, and well... I havent seen a nerf bat used that ruthlessly since the great pre BC nerf of fury warriors.

Majeure, at this point, is ignored. I'm waiting on 3.0 to make mages worth playin again. I've been in av's lately where there wasn't a single mage on the horde team. Sigh. OTOH, I amuse myself by trying to predict spell rotations for the new frost builds. Will ice lance trigger fingers of frost? Cuz if it does...

Did Kara with the new soon to be doomed guild.

I'm gettin better with over healz (20-25%). And mana conservation. I finally got not one, but two healz cloaks. A nice mana regen cloak offa Illhoof fer pve, and the badgers cloak fer arena. I gots 1930 healz with one of my gear sets...

So, the kara run. We pugged an awesome warrior tank. One that knew all the los tricks fer aoe pulls. And we had a old acquaintance off tanking, Taz, a pally arms and fury and I know.

Taz is a bit of an idiot. The warrior would pull a group and then try to LOS em into a tight pack. And Taz would peel em offa him before the warrior could get them into position.

Had an undergeared druid off healing for us. Who dint bother rolling for the healing cloak that dropped because it didnt have any +healz on it. Just a ton of spirit and +mp5. The druid's current cloak was that feather cloak outta sethek halls.

Had a frost mage that didnt know that ice block broke both moroes garrote and maiden's holy fire.

Had an elemental shammy that didnt know grounding totem ate holy fire. And who was slow shocking juliet's healz.

Had a demo lock, first time in Kara on any toon. I took her under my wing fer Illhoof... earth shield and a lock work wonders in that fight. Still, she was rollin on healing gear. And won some +fire damage items. Last among dps, even after illhoof.

Had a rogue. Didn't have wound poison fer Illhoof. (It helps a lot with groups that are slow to kill chains.) Died a lot.

Had a hunter. 41 BM/20 Surv. Could trap well, crap gear. Rolled on gorehowl at end of night. (against the warrior)

Had a holy pal. 60% overhealing. Got caught by Prince's aoe 4 times... and had to be battle rezzed twice during that fight.

Only two wipes. One on trash during a bad pull, one on prince.

A great tank and great healer can forgive a lotta mistakes.


Basil said...

That's one helluvanepic Karazhan run there.

As to fingers of frost... it only procs off abilities that have a chill component to them, i.e. practically everything except ice lance.

It originally procced off ice lance, but that was nerfed pretty early on.

Oh yes, and it still works off frostbolt if you get the glyph that removes the chill effect. It procs off the spell itself, not the chill effect.

Dibley said...

i've never been to kara...

sunjun said...