Wednesday, December 5, 2007

The adventures of team BlueRageBar

Enemy Druid: "Don't worry, my brave warrior, here comes a heal!"
Tazanian: "Stun hammer to the face! God, I hate treehuggers!"
Enemy Warrior: "Ain't *THIS* a bitch? /dies"

Team Blueragebar: "We win again! Way to cock block that heal, taz!"


Enemy Mage: "Frost nova FTW. Eat ice you stupid ugly cow warrior!"
Tazanian: /cast BlessingofFreedom
Herk: "Grrrrr.... /madcowspittle"
Enemy Mage: "Can't we just get along? EEEEP! /dies"


Of course the quote of the night...

Herk: "Sorry bout that, dude... I didn't see the rogue..."

So anyway, 7-3 for the 3v3 team, MM Hunter (Mabd), Herk the Hybrid warrior, and Taz the holy/prot/ret/insane pally.

Lost to two teams with shammies, and a Pall/Warr/Druid team. We'll get better tho. Spec when I replace the headphones/mic that blew out last weekend, and we can vent.

But uh... damn, arena is a lot nastier than I remember from last season... Melvin and Co are SCREWED. They'll either have to reform every week, or get used to 200 points a week. I've been trying to get magebert to respec his priest a bit to do some 2v2 with Mabd. What does he lack? Imp mana burn. "I've never really seen much use for it in Arena..."

Now a mm hunter and disc/holy priest should pwn in 2v2. And magebert aint a bad player... unlike, say melvin. He's just a raging idiot sometimes.

Still, its nice having a 3v3 team with two people with decent reflexes... I still suck, but, well, I come prepared. We will get much better. And Taz and Herk both will scale nicely with a coupla pieces of better gear. The team makeup works well... Herk had some concerns about that... the typical team he's seen was Lock/Pally/War

I think Hunters are taking the places of locks in a lotta teams. Decent control, drain ability, higher dps and survivability. (SL lock is harder to kill but does a hell lot less damage... UA lock does more dps, but goes down much faster...)

And that 41' range silence is a killa.

More disturbing... Herk's single minded crusade against the entire mage class now that I explained the whole BoF thing to him. He is to mages what Michael Myers is to sex crazed teenagers. Note that I haven't actually *CAUGHT* him pleasuring himself over the bodies of dead gnomes, but that kinda creepy sexual tension is definitely there.


ArmsandFury said...

I would like to be known as "Herk the mage blender"

Thank you!

sonvar said...

yikes that is mean. With a pally giving a blessing of freedom I could definately see going to MM working out a bit better but ever since I switched to BM from MM I really can't see myself going back. I like having a pet that can add dps to all and that regardless I have 18 seconds of you can't have to kill me to stop me. Good luck in arena.

TJ said...



Shifttusk said...

- Mabd! Season 3 is certainly looking a bit tougher all of my teams are kinda getting our 10 in and waiting for things to even out. Still seeing mercglad titles at 1600's is annoying and hey, they're better than us. Have you played any of the good Rogue mage priest teams yet? Beeing a blind man or sheep ees fun.

Sov!! BOF isnt even needed for a marks hunter to be effective, I roll primarily with priest/druid healers and the real key is just practice. While BW/TBW is cool all your haste goes to waste while kiting in pvp. Meanwhile (near) instant multishot with 45ish% crit, a silence and a short term CC are huge. Over the course of a long fight surefooted (surv) resists you as many slows and really makes up for the loss of TBW. The main issues I see with BM in pvp are

1) Haste is a waste. If you kite, your haste increases your dps by 0. Meanwhile big multishot and arcane shot dmg means when you can pew it does more.

2) Utility, scattering a rogue off your healer is clutch. Scattering a heal or CC is HUGE silencing a heal from 41 yds when a mage couldnt reach it? Huge. Silencing shot really helps you get an extra tick of viper sting in on any target. I think BM with MS could be workable on a 2dps 2v2 or on a 5s team but for most lineups marks seems to bring more.

Oh ya I played as 0/21/30 pre BC and having imp WC back? Love

Viet said...

Yea, comp was hell first week. Our 5v5 got stuck at 1504 LOL. This week was much better. Either we got our cohesion back or the 2300 teams are getting out of the lower brackets because we were able to get up to 1654.

Hunters are freaking awesome. I felt that our 5v5 hunter was a liability last season, but now, although he still is the first target, he can dish out a ridiculous amount of damage as MM + Dispel and drain mana!. We started off 4-3 for the night and when he got in went 9-1.

One tip for your 2v2/3v3. Tell Herk to try sundering clothies with high res and HP if you are having trouble doing significant damage to them. Armor reduction is the name of the game for S3. It especially works on priests/locks and lock pets.