Friday, December 28, 2007

I should play a warrior...

Cuz I'm not a pussy.

And it's killing me. I play nice ranged dps types... snipers, cc freaks... ya know. People who require "teh touch..."

People who can't stand attention.

But the warriors I've been seein lately... my god. First, Pogar of Team Melvin.

"I'll just target whoever mabd targets... and go in as her backup!"

It just gets worse. Majeure was in EotS last night, unable to get the daily done. I led a raid on mage tower... followed by two warriors...

I stopped so they could go ahead and be the good meat shields distractions, and let Maj do her thing.

They stopped as I did, and waited for the CLOTH WEARING MAGE to lead the charge into the enemy.

Or the level 64 warrior who yelled at Unbound, the level 66 enhance shammy to "heal!" while we were both fighting for our lives...

You can tell teh n00bs in BG's. When all goes to hell, they start bitching about the healing. Anyone who expects healing in BG's is a goddamn fool. All the priests are shadow, all the druids are feral, and all the pallys are ret.

Well, no, not if they have a clue, but face it. If you think someone is gonna heal yo level 64 ass in a 60-69 BG, you stupid enough to believe anything.

Which is one of the reasons I don't feel ashamed to play unbound in AV... in that mess, all I do is heal, on the grounds that ANY healing more than earns my underleveled ass a place in a 40 man BG. Which is to be expected. Its not like I'm gonna kill anything or anyone 4 levels higher than myself. Healing isn't subject to the same silly dimishing returns of DPS against higher level targets.

Which leads to the point of my post... a response to the savage one.

It ain't gear. You can beat people with better gear. Melvin has 300 resil and 11k health. He gets schooled like girl in a plaid skirt. His latest bete noir... a rogue ganking in netherwing named Gallo. Its fun to listen to him try to explain talents he doesn't bother to read about. By his count, gallo is up 30-2, and is wearing "an epic bought entirely from honor farmed offa me!"

Melvin is terrible in pvp.

It's all attitute. And with season three, intro raiders are getting into pvp to get a coupla pieces of gear that are much better than anything they can get short of ZA or SSC. And these fools know NOTHING about pvp. One of my EotS games, 7 hordies decided to camp the flag. We were down 400, and the allies simply... held the flag... while raiding our towers and crusing to victory. All the while these idiots were stuck in the middle of the map doin NOTHING.

Mass stupidity > Bad gear, megan, my love. First, real pvp'ers know their classes a lot better than raiders. Cuz every pvp'er has had to run instances... ina raid/instance, you have to do yuir job or it falls apart and you get replaced. The reverse does not apply. Raiders rarely understand the changing nature of pvp. So, pvp includes a much more substantial moral hazard. Who the hell checks to see if you doin what needs to be done? Maj drives me crazy... she's at about 50 resil, and wont last a second if shes alone guarding a tower. But noone else wants to do what needs to be done, so Maj gets staked out like tiger bait. She rocks with company, but I never get another peep to help defend... so Maj as guard inevitably leads to lost tower.

Which has a cascade effect... mabd is an excellent guard, but leads in kills and damage if shes allowed to be on O. How do you get 2-3 of the nubs to stop group ganking on the road, and sit by a flag, actually earning honor instead of leeching it? I'd rather have 5 220+ resil 10k+ health at my back than 8 nubs. Yet the ones with the abilities are stuck filling in guard duties that really should be done by the scrubs, while the heavy armor sits and rusts.

Which is what makes AV so much more fun for horde. All the best players stay back and farm HK's on DEFENSE! While the nubs look at the mass of enemy pouring down on em, and rez elsewhere... The true pvp'er looks at 3-1 odds as a treat. Spec since they tend to be "soft targets..." This one time, Mabd against two locks and a fury warrior... ah, good times...

Remember nubs... you good for nuttin better than wiping on Vann. And guarding flags. Earn your honor, keep your mouth shut, and do your jobs till you EARN some respect.


ArmsandFury said...

That was great :)

sonvar said...

I agree gear is not always enough and Shifttusk should agree with that since he took out a pally who was decked out in ill gotten arena gear. Skill plays a part too and so does a team's strategy. When the entire alliance side decides to do D in AV we lose. If we leave about 10-15 on D and the rest keep hitting the offensive instead of giving up after the first wipe we normally win.

Personally and maybe this isn't the best place to state this, I try to avoid reading Megan's blog her writing style and way of talking rubs me the wrong way.

Ratshag said...

Gear. Skill. Need more both.

Gear be easy to talk abouts. I got this much, that much is considered enough fer starters, map a course froms A to B.

Skill be much fuzzier. Ya learns a bit by reading, then ya gotta do and do and watch and learn and do more. Is like tanking, only all different. Don't be fuhggin' lazy or a chubberlugging moron. I's doing me best to avoids these last two.

ArmsandFury said...

It took two lv 70s for me to really know warrior well and I still f up.

For Noobed, he gots 2 hunters... another NELF at that!!! (I let that secret slip. I don't have proof but he does)

Also, he gots 3 mages.

You want to know your class very well alt the same class and run again.

You wanna be deadly against other classes... alt them and play as them.

Warrior Vs Pally ( All about timing on warriors part )

Warrior Vs Hunter ( I hate those guys but can beat em now about 50%)

Warrior Vs Frost Mage ( About timing and burning recklessness at the right moment after Ice Block)

It took me leveling another 70 warrior on a pvp to begin to learn some of these tricks.

Noobed's right too... I don't read enough but meh.

Euripedes said...

Burn Recklessness after Ice Block?

I think I hate you :)

Shifttusk said...

More than 2v1's and 3v1's I love me+heals vs their whole team. I see alot more healers being smart and not healing much untill they see someone doing well in a bg. I solo defended LM with a druid this weekend vs 5 people. This druid was the shizit about kitty kiting. The funniest part had to be screaming inervate me i'm oom!

With 84 spirit... lulz