Sunday, December 2, 2007

Sunday sunday...

So my friend had his big presentation yesterday. And it went well, apparently. So well they went out drinking.

And I get a call at 2am... "Dude... I just got into a fight with a bouncer... and won. Damn they hire pussies for everything here... anyway, what was yuir address again, the cab driver needs to know..."

So I got my vengence wrap made. A pure dps cloak. Yummy yummy. Since I needed primal airs for it, I responded to the following trade chat...

"WTS 4 Primal airs."

"I'll give ya 90 for all 4."

"But they're going for 27 each at AH!"

"Oh, so I should check AH for my primal airs? Will do!"

Later on I check AH again, and find 4 for 90.

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