Monday, December 24, 2007

My left nut...

I'm just gonna express my disbelief and ridicule with a simple anagram. MLN.

AV honor holiday? MLN. No damn way they fixed that honor bug.

As much as I hate to say it... the allies have a point. They're getting shafted in AV. As a result... they're revolting.

/grouchomarx accent on

"I'll say!"

/grouchomarx accent off

Was in a game... allies did everything right, ran into 15 horde on d at frostwolf village, and lost. I begin to think that the way to tell the smart horde players from the absolute idiots is to see who's playing D. The short bus is the train heading north :(

"Why look! Noone is guarding SH bunker! Why even bother capping it?"

Horde uber eliteness... MLN.

Had dinner with Melvin the other day. (My xmas gift, dinner at Outback.) He informed me that in his considered opinion, druids are the weakest class at pvp.


BTW... team melvin went 2-8 in Arena 5v5, and are at 1380 after two weeks. They still think they can get more points with 5v5 than with 3v3.


Maj is gonna have to go frost. Pretty much the same reason Mabd went MM. So... 600g to regear to little wretch? Swap out the spell fire for the frozen shadowweave tunic, season 3 gloves and vindicator belt? What a drag. Worth the pain...


So I pop a mage table every BG I go into with Maj. And four or five people grab all the grub. God I hate humanity. Social responsibility...


Merry xmas to all! And may the life wrecking game spare you enough time for family and love! WoW as an acceptable activity over xmas?



Graham said...

Merry Xmas!

What does MLN mean?

Megan said...

LOL, Merry Christmas.