Thursday, December 20, 2007


Lookit this. It makes me wanna hit a GM with an axe. Dammit, why do all female orcs come off as butch inbred hillbillies?

That top?

Screams "no trailer park can hold me!"

I mean really. Mabd is gonna have to go medieval on those orc baiting vermin. If only their miserable hides would be worth something after I skin em.

Now lookit noble Mabd. Pondering her next loss in AB.

Her motto:

"Death is a feather. But BG's these days are a motherf&%$r!"


Shalkis said...

I'd say that any orc female that's into physical combat has to be pretty muscular by default. Warriors have to look like bodybuilders to be able to haul all that plate around and swing a big axe while wearing it. Even rogues are probably a mixture between a gymnast and a bodybuilder. Such as this one.

As always, beauty is in the eye of the beholder. I'd imagine that male orcs would appreciate a female that can hold her ground if some other orc made a move on her. ;-)

Ratshag said...

I probablies ain't got a lot of cred on the subject fightin' topless after me recent SM shenanigans, but I's totally with Mabd on this one. When the stuff hits the fan and me ass be on the line, gimme a noble fighter over a ditzy bodybuilder what ain't got the brains to put on her armor anytime.