Tuesday, December 11, 2007

Kiss it...

Did some more 3v3 with mixed results. Kept losing to War/Rogue/Healer teams. One we should have won, the others were just brutal. The war and rogue key on poor mabd, challenging the pally to keep up heals, while herk chases their healer around.

Sigh. Resto druids are too damn close to unkillable.

Anyway, teams that didn't have this build got squished. Ran into a pair of locks with pallies... crush crush.

Anyway, its time to speak out on the stupidity. As much as I enjoy the blog, Kestral, you dead wrong. BTW, I really enjoy the blog :)

Some history. Sad sad history.

My first char to 60 was a rogue. I was one of the first on my server with 300 lockpicking. (Actually it was 275 to open every box in the game back then, but who's counting?) This was when the first thorium boxes were showing up, and, well, you know how blizzard would NEVER, EVER drop the ball? Yeah. Rogue lockpicking was like that. You couldn't get skill checks via trade. The box had to be in your possession to get the skill up. And so, noone, but noone, could pick the thorium lockboxes. Getting lockpicking up to 275 was equivalent to the Frostsaber faction quest or getting neutral with bloodsail buccaneers. You had to run SM over and over, in stealth, and pick the locks of all the doors.

I was that kinda nuts back then. I aint anymore.

Around then, I started noticing the crazy start. People would ask in trade chat for "someone to help open x box." "Help open?" What the hell? Yeah, I'll hold the damn flashlite while you jigger the lock. Help? What is this help? The real comment should be... "Need someone to open x box as a favor."

Well, the help cry got zero responses... so came the age of "tipping." Goddamn, I hate humanity. I was in the hospital last year... $77k bill. How much do I tip the doctor?

NOTHING! Hesa professional. He getsa fee. Who do you tip? Haircutters, taxidrivers, waitresses, delivery people, maids, doormen. In other words, people who took over work that used to be done by servants.

Ya see how this works? You ain't a needy bastard who wants a job done by someone who poured life and soul into moving up a skill and getting all kinda rare patterns... you a master and lord, tipping a lowly craftsperson.

Screw you. Either honestly ask for your alms, or honestly pay for them. "Tipping" is insulting and belittling. Intentionally so. You DOAN have to tip. You DO have to pay yo doctor.

So anyway... saw someone wanting the major spellpower to weapon enchant the other day... now Melvin spent two days farming for that thing. (Maj got it on the first drop, at least thats the official story to help me slowly whittle away Melvin's sanity. That's right, Melvin. The game hates YOU personally...)

So anyway, I got the enchant... and I respond to the tell. The guy then forks over 250g in enchanting mats. I light up the enchant. Then he puts a 3g tip in the box.

So how much is my time and effort worth? About 1% of the cost of mats. Why doan you guys try that when you order pizza? Or get your haircut? I'd rather do it for free than take the insult. Oh wait.. I'd rather not do it at all. And then there are the BoE Patterns people pay 1k gold for... yeah, yuil make that up in a hurry at 3g a pop.

Majeure... 385 enchanter... friends only.


Kel said...

I definitely know how that works. I did a dexterity enchant for someone the other day and got 15s as a tip. 15s.... yeah. die.

Anonymous said...

I wish I could get to the uber 385 enchanting...

I only have 375...

Mosshoof said...

So reroll as a blood elf, anon. Racial traits FTW.

Viet said...

You really can't complain because that is the market system. For one thing, many people that need craft items/enchants are in guilds that can provide them. And there ARE people willing to do it for that low of a price. Competition is a b****.

Plus, if you don't state initially what your price is for the enchant, you can't expect anything. A doctor/lawyer gets paid a fee that he states up front how much it will be. A tip is something a waiter doesn't ask for; it is given like you said. If you don't ask for a fee, what do you expect? You are putting yourself at the mercy of the customer.

You could always say I won't do it unless you give me XX gold. And then they will leave you alone. Make a macro if you want.

Shifttusk said...

have herk toe up either the rogue or warrior and keep them rooted/slowed and fighting him, he has plate and will be less of a burn on your healer and you should be able to kite the other dps.

At that point you taking less dmg and your viper stings should win you the fight.