Wednesday, December 19, 2007

AV the honor holiday for XMAS!

Nuttin says holidays like honor bonus. And with a 4 day holiday, the socially bereft should be able to grind at least an epic outta the holiday.

However, truth be told, Ima starting to burn out a bit. Maj helped Melvin and company fill out their 5 man last week, and I still feel dirty. However, it left me with one huge question...

Can an invisible mage see a stealthed rogue or druid if they've had detect invisible spammed on em? Which is to say... lotta locks out there, and locks tend to spam detect invis... so you gotta rogue that can see invisible, and the rogue starts arena in stealth. Will my invisible mage be able to spot him/her? This bears investigation...

Battlegrounds are just a damn pain at this point. Went 0-6 in AB on monday, losing twice with Mabd, herself. Both times popped into a losin game against a premade, but still... anyway, AB was the BG quest on tuesday, and Mabd signed up... nother premade. Still, we managed to barely squeeze out a win. They didn't have the gear, and Mabd gives good D.

If I'd been playin Maj, we woulda lost. No doubt.

So anyway, I'm beginning to note a massive divergence in BG's between the haves and have nots. We're really beginning to see the point in the post BC world of warcraft where you can't simply gear yourself out in the AH and compete in any meaningful way. I mean, Maj has awesome gear. She's around 850 +spell unbuffed (Melvin has been raiding with less for months) and well within spitting distance of 1k with a coupla gear changes/enchants. That's easily SSC/Gruul level gearing. And yet she's decidedly average in BG's. One on one with another char, with my cooldowns blown, and itsa coin toss.

Mabd, OTOH, is singlehandly responsible for most of the WSG wins she's in. Either she slaughters the other side, or draws so many of em into a pointless quest to kill her that the rest of the team can run without fear. What about you guys? You been seein something similar in BG?


sonvar said...

I know that regardless of the BG that if I suffer multiple losses in a row it becomes harder and harder to continue doing it. Last time I had the AV daily I went through 15 AVs before I was in a winning one. My luck seems to be more that I end up not at the beginning of the BG but right in the middle where its practically decided already.

Dammerung said...

At my level I don't see that quite yet(level 31 but I"m talking about level 29). A "HAVE" can deffinitly slaughter you almost instantly if you are focused on anyone else... but me(a almost have) vs a "HAVE".. well its only a slightly uneven match.

However... if they had loads of hps and resist-dot stuffs... I can see 5-6 of us chasing one of them around in a circle while their team(14) slaughters the rest of us(9-10).

I know I'm not who you are asking but I'm answering!

Anonymous said...

I have notice that the Alliance seems to be winning more. Either the Alliance is improving or because of the dailies more horde players who have no idea what they are doing are playing. I was wondering if this could be from what you referred to in your post about gearing for pvp. I don't have time to play alts, but I wonder that since the dailies started if a lot of players (pve'ers) now have alts they just intent to pvp with? The mass would just be hitting 70. That would explain some of the really bad pvp players out there and the really under geared players I've been seeing a lot lately.

Megan said...

What I tend to do is hold the queue after 1 or 2 bad, one-sided losses---reason being is that the time of day in which you go on a BG spree is very important (are kids home from school? are people done with raids?) and the pool of players available on both sides has alot to do with it.

If it's the AB/EOTS daily I tend to wait until later in the night when I can queue up with guildies. If it's AV/WSG, I can pretty much get it done in the afternoon.

Qualkehk said...

My server/battlegroup seems to be quite the opposite of yours... alliance wins AV most of the time, but we consistently lose WSG and AB (I won't even go near EotS).

My 69 hunter is carefully geared for his 60-69 bracket (I plan on grinding wellfare epics for a quite some time before the big ding), and even at that lower level I can see the "have" effect you were talking about.

I play heavy D in WSG, and my luck at picking FC groups apart makes enemies fast.

By the end of any given match, I'm spending most of my time trying to drain, trap, and CS my way away from squads of angry horde, usually with limited success. But their vendettas leave my teammates a much more open field to run the flag.

While I'm sure the difference is much more drastic in the 70 bracket, just thought you should know that you're not alone. ;)