Wednesday, December 12, 2007

Doan multi-shot me, bro!

Itsa more and more amazing the diff between Mabd, queen of death, and Majeure, the soft crushable one. Maj has pretty much enough gear to raid Gruul or SSC. She has next to no PVP crap.

Now the vicious one, (may the gods of MMORP never put her in a battle group opposite me...) Became involved in the ongoing hate fest between the pve'ers and the pvp'ers. And the epics involved.

Asa resident on a pvp server... the argument is settled.... everyone grinds BG's for the handful of epics required to get from 70 (n00b second class) to 70 (stilla n00b, but with a chance in hell...) Itsa helluva lot easier than grinding epics in heroics. Lets face it, as BC gets older, the spread between new 70's and old 70's will widen. Blizz tried to keep greens, blues and purples closer together in the expansion. But you doan keep chumps grinding unless they get uber-gear cookies. The problem... there is a progression track in pve... kara, the lowbie 25's, ZA and the upper 25's...

There is no progression track in pvp. And thassa shame. What is needed is growing arena costs for the new gear, and much more reduced costs for previous seasons...

Who in their right mind would buy season two if they could get season three? 20% off is WAY still way to expensive...

But halve that. Double the season three gear costs... or make the equivalent season two item a requirement for purchase. This way, there actually is a seniority to pvp.

OTOH, as the soul stealing wench likes to point out... upper ranks of arena shouldn't belong to gear monsters, but to the skilled. I can see it both ways.

I dunno... but BG's are getting freakin weird. You get into a game with a handful of season 3 on other side, ya lose. Maj gets pwned nonstop... and when Mabd takes the field, I can run into a mess of allies and come out with three scalps before they come close to dropping me. Partly this is the n00b 70's grinding for epics... and partly Mabd's uber twinked pvp build. Bloody hell, build really does make a difference...

Melvin is talkin bout switchin out all his +12 sta gems for +8 resil ones... and the sad thing is I'm begining to agree with him.

K, personal note. I dreamt that I beat up santa claus last night.

He was makin candy in my kitchen, and I had to stop him cuz it looked like a meth lab, and i was scared he was gonna burn the place down.

God, I have weird dreams.

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