Sunday, December 30, 2007

Obligatory sunday post...

Its gotten so I feel guilty if I doan post every two days or so...

Anyway, was running Unbound the enhance shammy through Mana Tombs. Itsa sad state of affairs when the 65 warrior looks at the group and says... "all we need now isa tank!"

So group had Unbound the 66 shammy, a 66 mage, 64 pally, and two 65 warriors.

And even with spirit weapons (30% reduced threat from melee) and BoS... I was pullin aggro. Still, a group with a backup healer is nice... and shammies kick ass in 5 mans.

But the completion of MT left unbound with one big hole in the Instance register... slave pens and underbog... so I get into a SP group...

They need a tank.. and get a 61 warrior.

They need a healer... and get a mage.

"Unbound, looks like you gonna have to heal."

Looks like you gonna have to find someone else. /leave.

Ima sorry. But Enhance shammies, even with shammy gear, heal about as well as a ret pally. Druids and Priests can main heal with dps builds. But not Shammies or pallys. It aint happening. Backup heals... fine. No problem. But main heals? Are you outta your mind? You wanna spend the next three hours corpse running, its all you. Now ifa it was a better group... 61 warrior tanking? enhance shammy healing?

I swear to god, I can't be the crazy one. Please tell me I'm not.


Trollin' said...

You're not.

*shudders at thought of that group*

Anonymous said...

you're not crazy... i would do the same thing. Then again my GF plays a holy priest so that guarantees a healer.