Thursday, October 11, 2007

I needs my space...

I'm not anti-social.

Ima hunter.

Sonvar, he of the excellent comments, mentioned...

"Also if trapping and working with another hunter I've had it happen with different ones too where I'll lay down a trap and then they'll lay down a trap that relatively close to mine. I finally end up having to explain to them that we shouldn't be putting our traps at about the same location and have them spread out."

Yeah. What he said. I used to curse Melvin out in party chat every time we ran together, because he would stand near me... when I'm trapping, or just dpsing...

"Dude! Either step back or buy me a damn ring!"

Hunters tend to like corners. Alone. Durnham Hold sucks as a hunter run because of all the fights where bad tanks just stand in the middle of a room putting the entire combat into a hunter's dead zone.

Healers, yeah, stand near me, and there will be a freeze trap to catch yo aggro. But other ranged dps, get the hell away! You pull em offa the tank, into my dead zone, and I can't emergency Misdirect em offa you.

It's not that I don't like you. It's just that I don't like like you. And I needs my space. If ya need to be close to someone, stand near the pet, as long as you got fish, you gotta friend.

BTW... anyone else run with a tank/party head so incompetent that he/she marked the farthest possible mob as the target for a polymorph pull? And then watch the poor party mage valiantly try to get into range without aggroing the other ones?


Taz said...

"BTW... anyone else run with a tank/party head so incompetent that he/she marked the farthest possible mob as the target for a polymorph pull?"

Yes. And the same for Sap. And trapping casters.

Then we have last night. Boomkin does are really nice job marking out targets. Rogue goes in for the Sap. I drop a freezing trap off in the corner and target my mob. Kitty is lined up to OT a caster. Warrior was to pull his own mob. Rogue saps. Warrior waits... and waits. 10 secs before Sap wears off, he finally pulls.

(We really should have booted him when we found out he didn't have a shield.)


Xian said...

Every now and then I'll run with another hunter and we just get into perfect sync with each other. We back each other up with traps etc and it just seems we are in each others heads. It is a rare and beautiful thing and gets them added to my friend list.

Zball said...

People who mark the farthest sheep target end up with me pulling the mob in question and then popping Invisibility. Thing is, if the tank (who typically marks when I do instances) marks something like that, I don't trust him/her to protect me, so I have to do it myself.

Although Ice Lance is a fantastic spell for pulling.

Sonvar said...

Wow,I get mentioned in a blog from my comment. /cheer

My only other problem with trapping is that they'll mark the caster mob for me to CC. If the area is mostly clear, or if I was MM with Silencing shot, this may not be a problem as I can use "BRK line of sight pull" but in most instances you don't necessarily have the room to do without attracting aggro from other wandering mobs. When I work with my guild its not an issue but when in a pug it keeps happening even after I've told them multiple times.