Friday, October 19, 2007

Misplaced priorities....

Is there something wrong with me?

There's this chick I know. No, not TJ I've never met her, as far as I know, although apparently we both live/work in D.C.

So... anytime I'm around a girl that only comes up to my knee, I'm careful not to make any sudden movements. And since so damn many chicks in D.C. are insanely short... well, one does start feeling confined...

No a diff chick. She wants to go see 30 Days of Night next weekend.

"Er... that's bad for me, Kimmu-sempai..."

"Oh, why?"

"er... I can't tell ya, you'll get mad at me..."


"K... it's AV honor holiday..."

The problem... Kim is really cool. I wanna keep her happy.
Know why?

Cuz she's got two doctorates, one in epidemiology, one in vet. medicine. And she works for the commerce department. She's the person you go to for an import/export license for biological agents.

And I have this dream of using Ebola in Arena. I figure that would take care of all those DAMN PALADINS! I haven't worked out the logistics yet... but Kim is central to my plans...


Anonymous said...

And I thought it was my good looks and money...... sniff

Dagashai said...
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Dagashai said...

Did I mention she has money?

They don't need to know about that whole "dancing like a night elf thing"

Graham said...

I'd use Japanese honorifics around people, but they would think I was SO weird.

Must be nice.

Inphidel said...

women in dc ARE short. that's very true.

Lance said...

Note to self if ever divorced move to DC to find wife shorter than I.

TJ said...

Well, OBviously it's not me, since I'd never even ask to see a movie on a BG holiday weekend.

Anonymous said...

@TJ - every weekend is a BG holiday weekend ;)

@Dagashai - the other day I was in Goldshire for some Hallow's End quest, and a Shammy challenged me to a duel. Sporting fellow that I was, I accepted. I happened to be wearing my Kara tanking gear, he happened to be Enhance. Perhaps you can see where this is going - hits are completely off of the table for me. He found the time during the epic 7 minute duel to repeatedly ask how I dodged so much, and to tell me to stop blocking. Several times he ran away behind buildings to heal. At one point he stayed away so long that I thought he had given up, and told my guild the funny story of this Shammy bouncing off my shield, only for him to return for another fruitless effort. Finally around the 7 minute mark he just threw in the towel and forfeited. =D

<--- pally tank

Sonvar said...

Which means TJ never goes out on a weekend