Tuesday, October 9, 2007

Nother week...

I'm gonna switch arena teams. It isn't worth the aggravation anymore.

Herk is gonna try to join my guild. I'm not sure if this is worth his time, the guild doesn't support pvp, and is fallin a bit apart as far as pve... third week on gruul's, and took the high king down only once.

Mabd no longer wears a single green item. I'd been keepin those gauntlets just to make the claim that I was a "hunter in greens..."

However, I still don't have a drop from Kara or a Heroic, and I top the damage meters on my guild kara/gruul runs.

That was not a boast. It was an expression of existential despair.

My one try at gruul... I'm in there with 3 other guild hunters, including the class leader. Before we start the run, the hunter class leader dismisses his pet. And doesn't bring him back....

OTOH, every so often something happens that makes ya feel better. I ran UB with Maj (who is 65 now, I need to update the banner...)

We start, good group, 62 resto druid, maj my 64 (at the time) mage, and 2 66 locks. And a 66 Warrior. Who's method of pulling was to walk up to the aggro range of the target mob...

So we get through first boss with no deaths. (with a druid healer, and noone else with a rez... damn, blizz needs to give druids a non combat rez...) And right at the gates of the naga area, the warrior DC's. The DC happens right when I pull 4 mobs, but thanks to quick tankage by the druid, and chain fears by the locks, and insane dps by Majeure :), we got through it...

So... the point of this post... I ask the guild... "Our tank DC'ed in UB, anyone wanna come help?"

And one brave soul stepped forward, our guilds newest baby healadin.

Kiin. And he rocked! He held aggro so well, I was able to go absolutely nuts with the damage. I beat both locks by a comfortable margin.

But thats just the introduction. A healing spec pally tanking and tanking well, when he's 70 and the instance is 63ish, isn't quite exceptional. (except that good tankage is always to be praised...)

But the next day, Kiin was bragging in guild chat...

"I came in 4th in my AV on damage! And was close to 3rd!"

"Dude, you respecced? I thought you were still healing?"

"Nope, I'm still holy, just it's a shockadin spec. I can still heal..."

Its always a pleasure to find someone stretching the bounds of the class... A pally build that gives tankage, healing and dps? I'm gonna keep an eye on him, he's well worth playin with.

BTW... watched another Moonlight. This show sucks. But still... the vampire main char is talking bout immortality...

"The problem with living forever is that people don't get any better. They stay the same... but technology is always advancing! If I wasn't immortal just think of the things I'd have missed! Internet... Tivo... World of Warcraft..."

Rock on, my Vamp brother... just don't break my heart by playing on a pve server...

One last pvp story. Majeure, at 63 (two levels over the weekend, woot!) was doin Zeth'Gor, that fel orc stronghold in Hellfire. Aggro in this place is a pain, so I was creepin in... when, from behind, pops up 2 ally hunters that decide to take a BE trophy. A 70 and 58. (I didn't notice the level of the 58 til I had managed to book it...) Anyway, I stun em, and flee, and they chase me quite a bit.

So I pull Mabd, and come and murderize em. With extreme prejudice.

However, afterwards, I'm running maj again, goin to void ridge... and see the 58 hunter with 3 other 60-62 allies...

I'm still mad... but 4-1... I think about it while finishing a quest at void ridge, and on the way back, decide if that hunter is still there when I pass, I'm gonna cap his night elf ass no matter how much help he has...

Which I proceed to do. Come up over a hill, bam bam, hes dead, and a ally warrior, rogue and healing druid are frost nova'd when I run away abut 100', then sit to eat, drink and let cooldowns pop back.

While eating, I heard the warrior give his "It is time to avenge our fallen companion" speech.

You know the one...

"Every toon will die! Not every toon will truly live!

She may take our lives! She will not take our freedom!"

So the warrior and rogue advance (the druid falls back to elite nps protection...)

And they die. In time for the hunter to rez, and die again.

I begin to suspect that Ima better mage than hunter.

Camping one poor toon is simple. Camping three of em is art.

Of course my favorite pvp story... So there my 44 hunter was in STV, being camped by 15 allies... and I'd only killed 6 of em, doan know why the rest were so mad...


ArmsandFury said...

The last bit

I have a similar story running to Swamp of Sorrow on Herk.

Running through Darkshire, I pass about 5 allys and no one stops... til the dwarf warrior turns around and looks at me and I see him stance up... I charge first cuz why not? I knew what was coming.

Everyone of the group dies due in large part to Retaliate which they did not back off of. Then the hunter who is higher level shows up and he has to die too. Then... I finally get dead and they proceed to camp and camp... then camp me more.


Anonymous said...

You are learning to respect the Pally tank, Mabd...good! =D