Wednesday, October 10, 2007

No clue...

You know, the secret to life is realizing that, despite everything, people will take the path of most resistance.

As an economist, I have been trained to look at a process as the end product of an evolution designed to create efficiency. Then I went to work for the government. Laughs on me...

But when we get to WoW, things get strange. WoW is explicitly a waste of time. We play to burn up the space between cradle and grave. While it is a bit less destructive than other habits, war, drinking and politics... it's still a waste of human effort.

Which is probably why so much attention, creativity and energy have been lavished on it. And why I get annoyed so easily by people who play it as a rote exercise, like zombies shuffling around in between attacks on malls.

If you're gonna play, play with beauty and brightness!

So, on to Melvin and the guild.

I made a coupla mistakes. Or, as they say these days, I chose an alternative lifestyle. Either way, I'm gonna get reamed.

The last straw with melvin and arena was last weekend. Melvin plays his shammy... and bitches non stop about stunlocks and fears. So, one match, he gets jumped by a rogue. BAM! Mabd counter jumps the rogue. The fight is outta range of the other team's healer, if we can kill the rogue, we get the edge. I'm all out dps, or as BRK would put it, balls to the wall... (a saying that makes absolutely no damn sense to me)... the rogues health is dropping like a stone, and he stops stunning melvin, and starts his own dps.

K... so melvin can cast now. What will he do? Damage to the rogue, put down stoneskin and healing stream, or NS a heal on himself?

If you picked one of the above, you ain't been reading this blog long. Melvin, crippling poison reducing his speed to 40%, turns around, presenting his back to the rogue, and crawls behind a pillar, pulling the rogue after him, and outta my LOS. He then dies.

I can't do this anymore. I'm getting abusive to Melvin, and hating myself.

Then there's the guild.

They want me to help out more. Apparently, my posting on the guild forum, and helping equip some of the other guildies who were't quite kara ready (but were goin anyway) convinced them that I'm an asset or something. My problem. I'm beginning to feel the same way about the guild that I do about the arena team. Just too damn much work for nothing but fustration. We lost a tank who was put on progression, geared out, and then before he put anything back, jumped to a bigger guild doin 25 mans.

We lost the best dps in the guild, the only toon who could blow mabd away on a DM, an elemental shammy who just got tired of waiting for the guild to get its act together.

One of the geared out healers for the guild has switched to playing his hunter... all in greens and takin a kara slot...

And I was told that while Herk would probably be let into the guild, they weren't happy having an uber tank that would be doin mostly pvp, and wouldn't be raiding non stop.

You cannot be a casual raiding guild without at least some damn structure. You have to have a "this tall to enter kara" sign... and the class leaders have to be able to help work up people who want into the kara runs. (i.e. tell em to beef up) I was told..

"We do things the AoE way... let people develop their own strengths..."

I doan have to translate that for you, do I?

Thus it came to be that Mabd acquired her Tauren name...

"Runs with n00bs."


Anonymous said...

Regarding the Arena: on the one hand, I feel your pain. On the other hand, if you aren't using Vent or the (mostly functional) in-game voice chat, shame on you.

That said, I'd believe you if you said that you told Melvin exactly what to do and he still didn't, because I've run with "Melvins" before.

Dagashai said...

We DO use vent...

It doesnt help, I'm the only one talking, and I feel like an idiot...

They all wait for my target, they do nothing if not prompted, they pick inappropriate targets... and Melvin refuses to get a mike...

Anonymous said...

In that case, I just feel your pain.

<--- tanking pally btw

Anonymous said...

I am totally stealing "Runs with n00bs" as an arena name. That is funny stuff.

Besides, if you quit playing with Melvin, what will you blog about? And how will I waste time at work?

Thanks to you, "Melvin" is now part of my daily vocabulary. The director of sales (major accounts) used to be "Beloved Salesman of the Year", sometimes he was "MVP of our Special Olympics Team", but now... he's just "Melvin". Now if I could only get him to hid behind a pillar.


Peashooter said...

/agree with Taz:
Melvin is a great flavor to your blog, no offense, but reading the stuff he does makes us feel alot better about ourselves. Mabye it is time for a guild, possibly realm switch? I sympathize, I had a mage in my former guild (actually, she was the GM) who would go all out AOE in instances, obviously we wiped 8/10 times. It's not as bad as Melvin, but its one of the reasons i left to start my own guild.


Graham said...

I'm pretty sure the reason why you get so mad is that you're a genius playing with morons.

I love this blog though, that's for 100% certain.

ArmsandFury said...

For the love of...

If they don't want me PvPing... why would I want to Raid tank? Been there... done that... damn sure not doing it for people who don't have their act together.


Jesse said...

Great blog.

Hey - email me about an idea I've got.

BRK said...

Balls to the Wall - WWII-vintage aircraft have throttles that have sphere-shaped grips at the end of the levers. When pushing the aircraft's engines to maximum thrust, these "balls" were pushed forward until they touched the sheetmetal of the cockpit, the "wall".

Balls To The Wall = maximum thrust