Wednesday, October 24, 2007

Lunch with Melvin...


"I did the headless horseman last night. I got a broom! Can't wait to whiz around outlands!

And did you know they only require 75 riding skill?"


"We've been doing great in arena since you left! Last week, there were three people beating on the holy priest, and they ignored me when my shammy snuck up behind them and threw down a magma totem!



"One game, they were so disorganized that after I hit them with a POM pyroblast, I was able to cast two more pyroblasts without getting attacked!"


Zball said...

Part of me wants you to keep telling Melvin stories. That's the evil, sadistic part. Pain is always funnier when it happens to someone else.

The other part says "Get out, man! Run for the hills!"

Viet said...

I love it all.

Tabuti said...

HAHA brilliant :)
keep these comeing!

Anonymous said...

All us players who lack talent long for you approval - speaking of which copper's armor is over 5000...