Thursday, October 18, 2007


War on the unbelievers!

So I was cruising elitist jerks for hunter pvp tips.

The biggest one... don't be BM.

Oh, good lord. The entire thread of what 2.3 would mean to hunters was taken up by MM builds complaining about an inability to escape snares...

It is time, my brethren. It is time to take back the night! It is time to soak the floors of Lordaeron, Blade's Edge and Nagrand with the blood of lesser classes and lesser hunter builds!

Screw them, and the full gladiator sets we're gonna bury em in! If you wanna spec MM to have a bit more control and dps, at the expense of escapability... go right ahead. We BM, the TRUE hunters, will dance the dance of death, the kite of khaos...



Peashooter said...

Um... Hokay then.

In my oppinion, Survival hunters are the real hunters, less dps, more utility, helz yah.


Sonvar said...

BM is the true hunter as you and your pet are made to be fierce. Really not sure why they would say not to use BM in arenas. At least as far as 2v2 goes you practically have to be so that you aren't CCed immediately and can actually do damage. MM spec only has one talent I want to get but it would require giving up TBW which is shattershot(not a real big surprise). Other than that Heavy MM isn't really all that good they do less damage than BM but more than SV. Their claim to fame is silencing which allows you to pull caster mobs.

Aerislan said...

as a MM hunter, I'd like to point out that I used to be in love with Silencing Shot, but it is by no means the greatest hunter talent out there...I'm considering discussing the switch to BM with my class leader in the near future. Besides...I'd rather LoS pull casters than use Silencing least then I know they aren't going to resume casting before I want them to =D

Peashooter said...

Ok, I'll explain more on why I said Survival was the epitomy,

because it's hard
its the underdog in a lot of places
I myself am BM, and I love it, but once I hit 70, with enough agility, I'll go survival, because its not the typical hunter.


Kestrel said... tell us how you really feel, Mabd. ;)

The thing about playing BM is it's just more FUN! I mean, I was soloing a bunch of Netherstorm quests last night. I think I used two bandages all night (about 3-3.5 hours), took on up to 5 Ethereals at once (don't believe that was one of the bandage uses, either), and totally had a ball. No way it would have been as much fun with my old MM spec.

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