Monday, October 1, 2007

So new TV season...

And I tivo a buncha crap to watch over the weekend. Call a chinese place a friend recommended... (btw... there is NO good chinese in D.C. .. I just have to be reconciled to this sad fact...) order food... 30 min later, I get a call...

It's melvin, telling me the guild needs another dps for fri night kara.

I got more sad melvin stories for later... but let me say up front, Ima sucker, and get talked into it.

So I'm noshin sub par chinese while running kara, part two. (Maiden through Curator.)

We wipe twice on each boss. And for silly reasons. Despite this, it was a blast. We had some kara virgins with us, and that was part of the problem. The maiden fight was a pain because one of the kara nubs was our third priest, who "had a mod that auto-debuffed..."

Guess which hapless hunter got stuck next to the nub priest?

Wipe one... flame on and die.

Wipe two... flame on and die... with an abolish disease cast just as I fall...

Last fight (with me trying to sneak next to the most exp priest and being told to go stand by the nub again...) no flame! Half the group dies, but maiden goes down with Mabd at 4% health!

This was actually the most fun I've had with a kara run. Challenging enough to be interesting, friendly banter over vent, and noone getting upset by the wipes. My best line of the night...

Curator wipe... hunter /feign death...

"So guys... how DOES that floor taste?"

Still no damn hunter drops tho :(

Things I learnt... those arcane thingamajabobs before curator ARE affected by viper sting. It hits em for about 3.5% of their mana. Instantly. Weird.

Melvin is still an idiot.

And I really need tips on curator... we're having problems keeping the dps together on the flares.

Oh yeah, Mabd hit exalted with aldor this weekend. And I'm sitting on about 2k arena points... doan know if I wanna spend em, or save em for 2.3. I know they'll do that rating thing, but suspect that season 2 gear won't require ratings to buy, and should be discounted...


pelides said...

/target astral flare
/cast hunter's mark
/cast arcane shot

Then have everyone make an
/assist yournamehere

and help you out

Mera said...

the above macro wont work, on account of hunters mark triggering GCD, so arcane wont happen.

But remove that and it will be fine.

And 2.3 should be out soooooon! So save save save