Thursday, October 11, 2007


So after all this time, I'm wrong, and trolls are the best horde hunter race?

This must not be.

Actually, I run with 110 hit in kara, and seem to do fine. I want around 70 for my pvp, non l33t pve set... which is a problem with the gear I have right now...

27% crit, ~1300 RAP, 54 hit. I'm cursed to be a crit monster.

Do not be afraid... Melvin is not going anywhere. Unfortunately, I'm a raging asshat, and Melvin is a complete idiot. These two come into conflict, and, again, I got abusive this weekend. I did warn him before hand that I didn't want to arena with him anymore...

My problem. I know I'm not a great player. I can't do the spin shoot trick with mabd, and theres no way I could play while moving with the mouse. That limits me a great deal.

BUT, by bloody god, I RECOGNIZE good play when I see it. I know what works, and what's just genius. Which is why I wanna arena with Herk. Herk used to be weak on theorycraft and got over it with the zeal of a convert... but this was after a long long arguement we had. I had to viciously kick his ass in Warcraft 3 before he realized reflexes aren't everything.

His revenge... I go over to his place, he hands me a controller.

"What's this?"


"What just happened?"

"I killed you."

"er... It just happened again...."


"I don't find this entertaining..."

"Shut up and keep holding the controller..."

Melvin, I am convinced, has worse reflexes than I do. And he doesn't seem to realize that reflexes actually matter... and if you can't match them, you have to compensate...

So game after game... I watch him run up to the other side and start arcane explosions. He won't use scorch because it's too complicated to use in pvp... uninterruptable arcane missiles or arcane explosion, despite all his points in fire talents... he triggers POM before he even sees the other side, and gets his pom pyroblast grounded by a totem every time.

People come on. Scorch. 1.5 sec cast, great damage, and a 10% stun chance on cast! How can you NOT use it in pvp? My 64 mage got a 1700 crit with it in UB (and the 680 dot that follows). (I still have no damn clue how that happened, tho i think Curse of Elements was up...)

It was this week that we explained the duration and diminishing returns of sheep to him... AGAIN. And Melvin, from the bad old days of raiding, doesn't think its safe to sheep something and then switch targets... he refuses the focus macro... so when he sheeps something, he stops doing anything else himself.

This last weekend... we're doing 3v3. Melvin's and Magebert's mages go after a warrior in the nagrand arena. The warrior ducks behind one pillar, the other two enemy team members behind another. (AHA! No healing or support for the warrior!)

Over vent, I tell the mages to take the warrior out... while I guard the gap in case the others get frisky...

So melvin and magebert run in behind the warrior, shoulder to shoulder... and before you can say intimidating shout, come running back, feared.

I've lost track of the times I've told them not to bunch up. I've lost track of the times I've told melvin to blast at range. We have a fury warrior on the 5v5 who can't pick his own target. I know for a damn fact that Melvin doesn't use his mouse to "check six" as it were, and I'm convinced most of the crew don't either. I've watched our fury warrior (who's back to MS) crawl after another warrior while right behind him a rogue was smacking on his healer...

Other pet peeves...


I was doin shattered halls with mabd, on those evil 6 man pulls. After two wipes, I offer (again) to misdirect. So I park my pet, run up to the mobs, get ready... and look behind me to see the entire party followed me.

"Guys... you really should stay in the damn room. You don't need to be here..."

TANKS... tell people where you're gonna stand when you tank. And STAY THERE. I'm tired of setting up my trap only to have the tank pull every mob over it. (Pallies don't have a problem with this. Consecrate = Root) Either watch where the hunter is gonna try to trap, and tell me to move back, or tank further up... I try to give plenty of space, but some warriors seem compelled to always be moving back... pulling mobs into our dead zones, or into the face of the casters and suddenly switching aggro...


ArmsandFury said...

The HALO bit actually happened. Also, he is NOT kidding... he stomped a rather large mud hole into me in Warcraft 3.

Theorycraft after that became the main concern... although! I still keep up with my reflexes :)

Anonymous said...

If you form a 2-man arena team, please post some of your tactics and thoughts. I am a BM hunter that plays with an Arms Warrior. I should probably be concerned though - he played for 3 hours last night with his argent dawn trinket equipped in Blade's Edge mountains.

ArmsandFury said...


You sure that's not Melvin you are playing with?

Viet said...

So I've read 2 posts of this blog and I feel really bad for you. I think its time to find a new guild/ people to play with man. You WILL burn out if this kinda crap keeps happening during your gaming experience.


Sonvar said...

Also if trapping and working with another hunter I've had it happen with different ones too where I'll lay down a trap and then they'll lay down a trap that relatively close to mine. I finally end up having to explain to them that we shouldn't be putting our traps at about the same location and have them spread out.

Anonymous said...

Haha...I like how you give the Pally tank a compliment there; are you coming around, or just courting our readership? ;)

I ran SH twice last weekend; once with a group of Tier 5 raiders (one of whom stopped by the bank first to switch into tier 4 in case of wipes...thanks for the vote of confidence, bro!) where we ran the whole thing in about 1:05.

The second time, the group I was in featured my "Melvin" and no one nearly as geared as the previous group, including one PUGed player. When we got to the hallway at the top of the spiral stairs, where you run through all the non-elites and AoE like a mo' when you get to the end of the hallway, I said "Follow me ALL the way to the end of the hallway." I'm 3/4 of the way there and my Melvin has apparently stopped to fight somewhere in the middle. "ALL the way to the end?" he says. "YES!" He dies, our mage dies trying to help him, but I consecrate like a mother and our awesome priest keeps me up until, between consecrate and our PUGed Hunter, we kill every last one of those guys despite losing 2/3rds of our DPS.

I type "/s I'd like to see a warrior or druid pull THAT off!"


<--- pally tank