Monday, October 29, 2007

It happened...

Guild broke, silent in the night...

All the original core left, to found a new guild... from Army of Eternity to Veterans of Eternity.

I really wasn't the catalyst...

Wisdom: Seeing the mountain of crap approaching, and realizing that you've been in this situation before...

"Hey, that's a mountain of crap!"

When a guild that considers itself a hard core raiding guild (well, not really, but casual, "serious" about raiding...) has to spam general in Nagrand to PUG for Gruul's... it's damn over.

Mabd is now in Noctumbulant. God save me, I've joined a mispelled guild :(

Majeure is homeless until 70, when I hope to hop her to Noct. Noct is gonna be my first experience with hard core pvp.

K... this weekend was AV honor holiday. And with the proposed changes to AV in 2.3, it was busy. If you are unaware... AV honor holiday is more or less honor welfare. An epic item runs from 11k to 17k honor. (Boots, bracers or belt...) These items are MUST haves. You will not find better till after kara, for the most part. Low in dps stats, ton of sta and resiliance. Since my mage is going with Spellfire and Spellstrike sets... which have next to NO sta, I'll really need the boots and bracers from BG.

So... 11k for epic bracers. How much honor can you get from AV in a game during an honor holiday?

500-800. And it takes no more than 20 min. So... Majeure made 12.5 honor on saturday, and 6k on sunday. I doubled her lifetime kills, and almost managed to go from neutral (0) to revered with the Frostwolf faction on saturday ALONE. (I passed out... I'm weak...)

As of monday morning, Maj is halfway to exalted.

Just to understand how big a deal the AFK thing was... Melvin would play a ton of games back before the anti-afk stuff started. Since his computer is near his TV... he would eat and watch while quasi-AFKing. His record for a weekend was 35k honor.

So... the new changes should put a stop to all this... OTOH... it seems that there will be new BG dailies... with rewards of up to 4k honor each. (Two are currently available...)

Maj did just fine against most of the 70's. However... not so hot against the bosses... Vann and Bal kept resisting my spells, and when I hit it was for half damage :(

Time to level the little killer some more!

EDIT: It appears, according to WoWInsider, that the 4k honor per daily was a blizz typo, the actual amount is 400. Less abusive, fer sure, but with season one arena gear going fer about 22-30k honor each...

Hrm... 2 bg dailies... 800, + the honor from playing... say 1k honor a day. A month a piece? Jeez...

Now ya know why I refer to gnomes as "Free Range Honor..."


Anonymous said...

It's not an issue for me, because I"ve always belonged to the same guild and lord willing, will always belong to it, but I have said to myself many times that I would never, ever, join a mis-spelled guild. XD

Why didn't you join Veterans? Were those the bad elements of your guild? Enquiring minds want to know!

<--- pally tank

Peashooter said...

I left the guild I had been in for a very, very long time recently, without (well, ok, I still talk to a few friends from it) a glance back. And I ended up in a better guild, would'ya look at 'dat.

ArmsandFury said...

He forgot post about the odd shortage fo hunters!