Monday, October 15, 2007

Nother week, nother level...

ArmsandFury plays WAY too damn much. Sigh... I have to use every trick in the book to keep up with him...

A&F was leveling his tauren warrior Herk to do arena with me. Since I dumped Melvin's teams last week, I took Herk for a spin in 2v2.

Herk doesn't have his PVP trinket yet. And this hurt us.

AND... Herk had a case of the jitters... One thing from getting my ass handed to me week after week while playing with Melvin... I don't feel the stress anymore :)

Still.. we did pretty well, and will do a bit better when Herk gets real gear over the next coupla weeks. I promise a post this week on the ins and outs of BM in arena. Suffice to say... there are two terrible arena classes/builds. BM hunters and Priests. BM hunter and Arms warrior team is just problematic. Teamwork can make up a lot of this, but the lack of CC will just murder you.

The best thing about playin with A&F... he understands aggressive. In arena, you really gotta be first on the ball. A&F won't wait around and give the other side first strike. Melvin, OTOH...


One week we spent hiding in the entry area, cuz Melvin thought that was the best defensive posture.

My Mage, Majeure is just about 66. Fire build, not sure if I'm gonna go POM Pyro or just deep fire for 70. One thing worrying the hell outta me... I'm gathering her equipment for 70... Spellfire and Spellstrike set, with epic pvp boots and bracers. And I'm not gonna have the sta... I really need at least 7.5 k to even step foot in arena. Which would be about 450 sta.

Sigh. She's sooo gonna be the typical glass cannon. Shes doin insane damage now. I ran slave pens with A&F's 70 warrior tanking. I did 45% of the damage of the group. Course, the rest of the group... so so holy pal, lowish level rogue, and pice of crap useless 66 lock who DC'ed before last fight. We ended up just 4 manning the end boss.

Did I mention my mage kicks ass?

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