Friday, January 18, 2008

And have been cold a long time

So Mabd hops into an EotS... look, nother hunter!


+def gear! Oh dear lord, this will not be pretty...

Once again, the Dagashai secret of life.

We are all monumental idiots. But, thankfully, the world is so filled with drooling imbeciles we come off pretty good by comparison.

Some observations...

Is it just me, or is it normal to get creeped out by street people that keep crap in big old victoria's secrets bags?

I wonder by how many votes "Why buy the cow when you can get the steak for free" lost out to the eventual winner in THAT cliche competition?

I need to respec all three of my chars :(

Why are there SOOO damn many warriors in BG's an yet never a tank around?

And BTW, warriors... doan give yourself airs... you simply aint worth the effort to kill.

Do locks now outnumber mages? Stupid ultimate evil and its recruiting drives...

Now that pet leveling is reasonable, Ima gonna have a piggie, a nicer kitty, a mean old scorpid, an owlie... oh wait pet slots are still FUBAR, back to Rome season 2.

The best possible name for a kitty. "Puppy." Keeps em in their place. Plus confuses the hell outta everyone.

And exactly WHY can't I tame a resto druid? Imagine the fun of trying to use tame beast in arena...

The damage mechanic of soul link seems to break freeze trap. I doan like this. Mabd wants to freeze trap that LOLguard, and have him die while beating down his lock. Then she wants to take the demonsicle to all the orphans of Orgrimmar and give em a treat. Cuz she's sweet like that.

And another thing... has anyone actually seen the lock pet die offa SL damage? I haven't...


Majeure needs to respec frost. Shouldn't be hard, she's close to having the gear, just... do i really wanna run this many chars with my limited time?

Mabd needs revered with Violet Eye for that ammo. Mabd needs a kara guild. But wouldn't that just make me a douchebag if I join just for the faction runs? OTOH, that would get me my battlemaster trinket faster :)

Unbound, how I love shammies again. If only I could get you better weapons. /cry

BRK's little test dwarf makes me wanna change servers and head to darkshire with a box full o smores. Damn all pve servers to hell, anyway.

Its not that I'm antisocial, it's just that I love biochemical weapons...

So anyway... Melvin has me reading warhammer fantasy... and I have to admit ima kinda interested. I love how they do dwarves... all dwarf kingdoms have a sacred book that is the center of their culture and history... "The Book of Grudges." Of course, there's always the dwarven drinking song...


Ratshag said...

We are all monumental idiots
As long as I get a monument, I'll be happy.

I reads the other day where battlemasters is gonna get chairs or something to stand on, so's you can find 'em in a crowd

Euripedes said...

Get a Ravager. Name it "Cat"