Wednesday, January 16, 2008

Of the pine-trees crusted with snow;

The world is a rum old place. I think here is as good a place as any to announce that my bestselling book on PvP, Arathi Basin: How to Cap a Flag, just went into its third edition.

Of course, most of you already own a copy, along with follow ups My Life and Times in AB: Cap the Damn Flag Already! and Whats Grey, Lonely, and Gives You Honor If You Cap It?

However, I'm not sure you've heard of the work I've done helping edit and publish the works of other, gifted PvP authors, books such as Are You There, Horde? It's Me, Uncapped Flag... and I Don't Want the Horde to Cap Me, I Just Want the Horde to Want to Cap Me, by A. Flag.

Anyway, the residuals are paying for my therapist bills. BG's are not going well. The last few days have been AV daily quests. 50 mins queue time does not fit into my "come home from work, screw around in WoW for half an hour, then pretend to be dead" routine.

Bugger. Equipment needs...
Mabd... 2min pvp trinket, bracer upgrade from season one (not sure if its worth upgrading the season 2 belt and boots...) and then onto battlemaster... although perhaps a detour into the pvp cloak (a down grade from what I have now, but with a ton of resil/sta)

Maj... Belt (and then I respec frost), pvp Cloak, necklace and ring. Goddamn, she's got a ways to go.

Unbound. Pretty much damn everything. If Unbound was my main, I could excuse trying Enhance in pvp for a bit. But that ain't happening.

I think PvP'ers have their revenge on the raiding crowd thats been clogging up our BG's. Theres no way to easily grind honor anymore. You really need to rack up HK's. And that just gets ugly. Spec since Raiders are pretty much pvp prey. Itsa strange situation. Mabd made 1400 honor offa AV the other day, 600 for the AV, 400 for the daily, and 400 offa HK's.


sonvar said...

I'm really not sure those books are enough to cover therapy bills. Cause obviously not enough people are buying it otherwise you wouldn't need to continue the therapy.

Delos said...

I'd like to buy copies of all your books for the Alliance too. You're faction does not contain all the idiots, I assure you!

ArmsandFury said...

This sounds like Dag's cup of ... bourbon?

Zball said...

I'd like to just say "I told you."


Euripedes said...

The 2min trinket is godly. Godly I say!