Friday, January 25, 2008

Of the January sun; and not to think

Wow... haven't played much this week, and yet all sorta drama goin on.

Some idiot got under the killer's skin. Ima not entirely sure, but I think she can kill people by simply speaking their name ina certain tone of voice. Anyway, it took me the longest time to figure out why she plays allies... current theory is that it was a blizzard implemented faction balance thing.

I got on last night... AV BG quest night. So log Mabd, and spend my time waiting for the 40 min queue doin some fishin... hit zangar for the flotsam pools to finally get that "track fish" skill... then roam Nagrand looking for Icefin Bluefish so Maj can have some more buff foodies :)

Also pick up a primal and half of water... I wonder if they tweaked the fishing rate on water motes?

Then the BG pops... and itsa lag city. I mean... I've havent seen lag this bag since living in Ironforge back before the AH got split between major cities... even then...

And so the confession... I failed you all... the greatest pvp screenshot of all time, and I was s0 stunned, I didn't get it.

How bad was the lag? DREK himself came out and started capping ally pig dogs around the relief hut flag. It was only after that I thought... holy crap! A screenshot of Drek next to the RH flag woulda been a lovely present for my friends!

Anyway... blizz... ya know that little modification ya made to improve latency?

I daon think it workin so well...

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sonvar said...

I wanna see this Drek screenshot.

I'd agree I have been suffering more lag spikes recently. Though most of the lag spike occurred while in BM which is one of the worst.