Thursday, January 3, 2008

Of ships and shoes...

Is it just me, or are BG's becoming disfunctional?

Comment overheard in general chat last week...

"I don't recall alliance whining like this when all they had to do was walk through our village and cap drek!"

So yeah, the whole AV thing is getting old. However, there are serious problems developing on the other side... to wit, it is time to end the ability to opt out of a bg for another bg...

Too many hordies are simply playin in WSG, or whatever, racking honor kills, while waiting for AV to pop. This is killing our ability to actually fight a cohesive battle, while making AV wait times even more egregious. You wanna double queue? Fine. But when that BG pops, you should be stuck there. Desertion in the face is desertion in the face.

And lets face it. BG's are starting to get ugly. I've been reduced to running BG's with my 60-69 group shammy, simply for the much more relaxed and professional atmosphere... too many nubs start BG's when they hit 70, and have no clue what the hell is going on.

Now, normally, naturally, this wouldn't matter. But for some reason, Blizz wants to make arena an e-sport. For that... you gonna have to force players to be competitive. Honor rewards for capping or rescuing flags? I dunno. WSG is seriously silly. I think there should only be one flag held in the game at any time. Once, for example, allies grab the horde flag... the alliance flag disappears, and vice versa. This would end the standoff silliness that pervails in WSG.

OTOH, played a pair of games over the weekend that rocked. had the dual flag standoff, with Mabd defending the resto druid holding the flag. The druid yells.. "screw this! I'm getting our flag back, and you idiots better follow me!" and takes off for the other base. We get our flag back, then run back to our keep to cap. Great fun, awesome player, that druid.

Then Maj was in same situation... goes to ally keep with two feral druids and two rogues... allies holding the flag in the GY, all 7 of em. So the stealthies go in first, then maj pops up, fires off the POM pyro, fire blast and arcane on the bear holding the flag... and while the six people who were supposed to be defending the bear jumped maj, our rogues and druids finished the job. Damn, Maj can do some good burst.

As for AV... simply admit the allies are QQ babies, and that the new rules screw them with the current set up as hard as the old ones helped them. I mean, really...its insane how little opposition they face running to the FW aid station. Meanwhile, horde has to practically burn down everything in its path...

Anyway, maybe if you make snowfall alliance held at the start.


sonvar said...

It must be something with your battlegroup cause in mine Horde mostly wins. This just more goes to prove it doesn't matter the side you're on its just the people. And the ones in Alliance on our side don't seem to get it a lot of the time.

WyldKard said...

Removing one's queue position in a BG after joining a different BG would be annoying. The fact of the matter is that if I want to PvP, I should be able to, and the fact that I have to sit through a queue in the first place is ridiculous. I don't want to run WSG. I want to run AB or AV, but they take too long to pop, so the next best thing in to to triple queue and see what comes up.

The issue isn't with poor BG etiquette, it's the fact that WSG needs a revamp to be more fun, else the queuing system needs to be made faster. That may involve combining more servers, though.

Anonymous said...

Dude, please don't open that crappy forum debate, it's getting real old. As an alliance I hate av lately, but then I've always hated av. It's not fun, not nearly enough pvp in it for me, to much like a raid.

Zball said...

In my battlegroup Alliance wins more AVs than we lose. Before 2.3 the Horde would QQ about how unfair it was. Then 2.3 hit, no more AFKers, etc, buffs to Horde defenders and nerfs to Alliance defenders, so on and so forth. It went from imbalance against the Horde to imbalance against the Alliance. AV is great, but sucks at the same time. It's a zergfest.

The rest? I'm starting to like WSG again. Maybe not the turtle- fest or HK farm it can turn into, but when it's a constant back and forth. It's always in your face. I like that. Excitement.

But QQ babies? Maj, be glad you're not in my BG. *shakes cane* I'd sow ya cryin'! Now git offa mah porch!

Vaerlin said...

For the most part, the Alliance in by battle group just can't play well. They're mostly the "never PvPed until they hit 70" crowd.

As my Pally, I ran into a 3v3 scenario in EotS the other day, 2 dps + healer vs 2 dps + healer (me healing for the alliance). I was completely shut down nearly the entire time with charges/stuns/interrups... The only one to even hit or attempt to CC their healing pally was me with a HoJ. But there are poor PvPers on both sides.

As for AV, it's not too bad as far as map control goes. Both sides have advantages/disadvantages(Ex: IB GY is stupid easy to stop the Alliance at with a competent group of defenders) and it would be nice to swap sides every weekend or so. But the biggest problem is quite simply Galv vs Belinda. In a good group vs good group matchup, that one factor costs time. And time is the currency that wins and loses AV.

Galv is an Arms warrior that can AoE fear people out of his building allowing him to reset himself on occasion. Belinda needs to be buffed pretty badly... maybe stick her in some S3 Arena gear and it'd balance out... and make her a warlock... :P