Monday, January 14, 2008

To regard the frost and the boughs

@Kirk. Yeah, I like Stevens. He gets a lot better after you realized he's more or less a one trick pony, and that it's a pretty neat trick. As long as you doan take him too seriously. My personal fav is Frost tho. Frost and Stevens were friends (their corrospondence is hilarious) and I have the sneaking suspicion that this poem was a dig at Frost... Also, for some strange reason, Ima big fan of the Metaphysicals and the Victorians. Herbert and Swinburne. My fav Swinburne story... a friend of his, concerned by his lack of... feminine company... got him a "date" with a famous gymnast ne courtesan. Later on the girl returned the fee, admitting she couldn't teach Swinburne that "biting was highly inappropriate..."

@Rats... grats on the first kill. Tho Mabd made a little snort of disgust and pointed out that that little psychopath Braids is probably killing every gnome she comes across till she finds the warlock that dared go into BG with less than 7k life.

Btw.. over the weekend... mabd scored the 10k th kill. And Maj is now over 1k. Unbound is getting there, but still only 68. And it looks more and more like Unbound is gonna be resto at 70, once I clear all the outland quests.

Av is still a nightmare... it was the BG daily twice, and had 1hr waits on both days... i've taken to just questing till the damn thing pops... tho Mabd has been doin Nagrand mining runs...

Meanwhile the ally guild ESF is now on my s$list. Unbound was questin in Nagrand when a 64 pally decided to try to gank her. WTH? One thing to remember when dealing with Enhance shammys... if you a melee class.. the enhance shammy WILL NOT RUN OUTTA MANA. It aint gonna happen. By the end of the fight, the pally had burnt bubble and insta heal, and then died, while Unbound was still at full mana and health. It takes a rogue, and massive stun lock to kill an enhance shammy... and thats what that pally prick did, sic'ced a 70 rogue guildmate on me afterwards, complete with s'mores kit. Goddamn vermin. Failed a gank and then called in his guild? KOS time buddies.

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Kirk said...

It's this crap taken way too many times that sent me to the "wussy" servers. Especially since I play priests more than anything else. The sad thing is I took as much of this crap from horde idiots as I did from alliance - neither side lacks... yeah, you get the idea. The bad thing is that I go out of my way, now, to avoid PVP - even though I know it can be a blast even if you lose. (Yeah, winning gets you more, and everybody likes to win. Me, I like to play. Constant corpserunning - or having to skip one of my irregular opportunities to play because of the camping... enough.)

Good for you on the fun and success. I agree about enhance shammies, though being stupid about any class gets you a free visit to the pretty winged lady.

Oh, as to Stevens, well, I figure everyone's allowed at least one bad habit (grin). Seriously, I see your point, but the one-trick pony for me just gets old. Of course, since I lean more heavily to Kipling, who am I to talk? (grin)