Tuesday, January 22, 2008

To behold the junipers shagged with ice,

Forgive me! Four days without a post. My dearest readers... how can I have forsaken you so?

Some tips. First... stop reading BRK. It's getting so that you can't refresh without another hacking report. I am naturally paranoid, I DONT NEED MORE STRESS! And how does that dwarf pervo deal with stress? By talking poor, underaged gnomes outta their clothes!

Second... some time ago Jabari linked to some awesome posts on the where and the why of macro writing. Melvin, of course, has to be forced at raid point to use anything so clever as a macro.

So we were doin Arena this weekend. Did rather well thursday, then spent all day saturday running into teams containing peeps with titles. Damned if I know why. Lost more than we won tho. Herk lost his damn mind... he gets fustrated easily... and the care and feeding of our holy pal proceeds apace...

"Taz, ya know... ya can clense polymorph, freeze traps and fears..."

"No I can't. I've tried before..."

"Er... (think for a second...) do you mean that you were polymorphed and tried to clense if offa you?"

"Yep! Didn't work!"

"K, see... no... it wouldn't... but you can get it offa OTHER people..."

I love taz... but it's one of these new player things... it takes some time to get them up to speed on what we all take for granted. Why is why I handle him with patience and respect. At least he tries, unlike say, my friend Melvin.

Speaking of friends... so we're having problems in Arena, and Herk starts losin his mind. Making all sortsa crazy statements... I wasn't helping with my responses. Taz was like... "so you guys been friends for a long time, eh?"

See... back when I got Herk into the evil game, I'd come visit him, and watch him play on his old system. Which sucked so hard, it had like a 5.0 fps in wetlands. And I'd.. er... subtly encourage him by cheering on the mobs he fought...

"Pig! Pig! Pig!"

And since he was new... and playing a warrior back when warriors really sucked... he'd die a lot. And get mad at me. I mean... REALLY mad. Steam outta the ears and all.

Its still like that. He hates to fail. And yet he sets himself up for it. And ya wanna know why?

Cuz Herk is Superman. You all know this personality trait. Superman shows up, sees the big tank, says something like... "look, violence isn't the solution..." and then the tank shoots him.

And as he gets up, there'sa expression on his face. "I can't believe they shot me... don't they know I'M SUPERMAN?"

It doesn't matter. They always get the first hit in, and Superman always takes it. You'd think he'd learn to dodge. Or decide, ya know, maybe I'll sit this one out. Can you imagine a universe where Superman always got his ass kicked? What hell that would be? Well, that's Herk right now.

Herk needs me to keep it in perspective. Who am I?

I'm Batman.

A long long time ago, DC decided to put together a title with their two biggest attractions... Superman and Batman. They called it the "World's Finest," as in world's finest detectives... cuz this was back when Batman was part of a genre called detective comics, with the likes of Dick Tracy. Problem is... Superman ain't a detective. He's muscle. Superman's strategy is to let people beat on him til they get tired, then smack them around. You know... just like a warrior.

Batman is different. Batman is always outnumbered, and the other side is always bigger, stronger, faster and crazier. Batman has to plan things out. Ahead of time. Pick the battlefield, set the traps, rely on gadgets when things get tough, get help where you can... you know, like a hunter. You get cornered... you get dead.

Warner Brothers did a wonderful Batman animated series. I mean, really, quite comparable to anything coming outta Japan. And they did a "World's Finest" story that did service to the two. Of course... in the WB series... Batman and Superman can't stand each other. They're forced by circumstance to work together.

Another analogy...

I've been following Naruto on cartoon network. I know some purists decry the dubbed version... well, Ima not gonna go outta my way to find the subbed version, and my Japanese sucks stones. Anyway, the Naruto vs Sasuke fight finally aired... and it was the single best animated fight sequence I've ever seen. The only thing I could compare it to was the original crow graphic novel. The art was amazing.

Anyway, I'm Sasuke, and Herk is Naruto, only without Naruto's work ethic.

Nother anime I've been following is Death Note. Apparently there's a live action version of it that the Chili Peppers sang the opening credit tune for.


Doomilias said...

even though youre a stinky horde, ill give you an insider tip:

www.narutofan.com - you can get every single episode fansubbed via bittorrent. make sure you download divx from divx.com first. if you think the cartoon network versions are good, well...you are missing some seriously adult content. what i mean by that is the dialogue is definately NOT meant for children. CN also edits out alot of the more grusome scenes.

you can also read the translated manga here, which will give you far and beyond more insight into the characters and their various backgrounds.

Euripedes said...

Deathnote is one of those things that starts off really great, but then goes downhill far too quickly. Kinda like Samurai 7.

Trollin' said...

I dunno Euripedes, I liked Deathnote up until the very end.

The live action movies are really kinda funny. The story got really confused, but the CGI was really good.

Huckebein said...

Warner Brothers did contract a Japanese studio to work on the Batman animated series. They did something like 50% of the work. Maybe more. Nothing unusual about that. Go watch "The Big O" and you'll see the similarities.

The first fight between Kenshin and Saito in the Rurouni Kenshin (errr.... Samurai X? Dunno what you guys call it over there)TV series was also pretty damn fine.

Kirk said...

ummm... I'm up to eight lessons instead of just the 5 Jabari lists. While I've been on a bit of hiatus (lots of reasons) I have every intention of finishing the series - at least through basic scripting.

Graham said...

Another site for fan subs is www.dattebayo.com. Probably the best fan subbing group I've been to in a while, although I do plan on checking out Nartuofan, to read some mangas now! Thanks Doom.

Argonaut said...

If you are up for it, another enjoyable series to watch is Bleach, and if you want to read the mangas, the best place I have invaribly found is mangahelpers.com. They usually tend to have them first.

Jabari said...

Kirk's alive! *cheer*

I'll go back and relink the rest of those shortly...

howardchua said...

death note is great!

check this out:


Anonymous said...

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