Friday, January 4, 2008

And sealing wax...

First of all...

Die alliance.


Die alliance.

Third... zball, if you still running with less than 7k health, Mabd won't even bother with you, just let you run from the cat till yuir little legs fall off.

But no, I would be loathe to pass up the opportunity, as a commited member of the horde, to rub in the mediocrity of the alliance when given the chance. So, QQ babies... wah. That being said, if you allies are willing to admit thrall is a bazillion times cooler than that poser sleeping with the lizard, or that loser dwarf whose daughter ran off with the elvis impersonator, we can have a meaningful conversation... (doan even get me started about how creepy the whole walking tree thing is...)

To wit... why the hell can't bliz fix AV so that the games last 40 min or so?

Look. This, to my eyes, is the way the BG's should go...

WSG... 10 min
AB... 15-20 min
EoTS... 20-25 min
AV... 30-40 min

Currently... WSG averages the longest while outside the 5 cap AB, AV is the shortest run. This is crazy! Whatever Blizz does... both sides figure out a way to shorten it down. Magebert claims to have lost six in a row to the allies, all 12 min games where they run down to the village, cap the relief hut, then cycle through killin drek. I was in a game where the allies lost by taking 50 deaths against drek. Other than this.. allies lose. A lot.

Itsa horde thing, I think. We're ALWAYS outnumbered. And allies zerg like vermin fleeing a burning rat farm. Melvin is bitching cuz he hates the thought that he might never see the blood lord again. I hate that I cant use the damn air force for base defense. (I always get the snowfall guy goin... snowfall! What the hell do i need air cover over snowfall for?) Blizz might wanna put more traps in the game for zergers... and more honor rewards for in game accomplishments. As it is, the mines are a joke. And massive zergs rob the whole ram/wolf riders and air force of their usefulness. Maybe move these guys to mid field locations where they can be activated to retake yuir home base? And maybe make it so if the head general is under attack, EVERY npc in the base aggros to his defense?

Nother thing... put the marshals in the towers (after retooling em.. how about diff marshals with diff powers, and random placement.. damn, its the WW warrior marshal!). No reason for em to be with the general. That'll make the towers a major endevour, and make the initial attack something significant. And instead of marshals backing up the general, give him a buff of some kind for every tower still intact. Personally, I like summons :)

And screw the ram/wolf thing. I want more wandering pats of goons, and I want them to spawn during the game... when I turn in armor... let it mean something. Oh, and give em nets. And damn near infinite aggro range.

Would it be that hard to come up with a nice 45 min BG that gives about 500-800 honor, and with several workable strategies?

Then there's WSG. Imagine how much fun this would be if only one side could hold a flag at a time. Lots more blood shed, no more turtling, and 10 min games, so you could go through em like popcorn.

Sigh... I know. Pipe dreams. So, should unbound go resto at 70?

Oh, and just to let you know how suicidal I am these days... I saw a mage drinkin water next to an uncapped flag in AB yesterday. Unbound led in kills AND flag captures. This is WRONG. My path to enlightenment has led me to the point where I see my char leading the board in kills as a sign of the inferiority of my team... and not any real accomplishment on MY part. I doan mind losin. I mind losin due to bad play. Ah well, hopeful arena will provide more moral support. Mabd gets the season three legs next week, and should have the pvp ring saturday.


Sonvar said...

Ummm... pretty much what you described about zerging and being outnumbered sounds like what I run into playing on the Alliance side going against Horde. I don't know how many times I have to say it but it depends on your battlegroup which side is doing better. Over all the Battlegroups I imagine its close to about 50/50. I know its frustrating but if you want to do better you should try getting a premade put together so at the least you can call the knuckleheads easier after its done. This doesn't work for AV but you need from the beginning to try to get people to do a strategy and stick with it instead of QQing about it just because something didn't go perfect.

I do agree that AV should typically be the longest BG and WSG should be the shortest. To me I dread having to get WSG marks because some games take too long and very little honor points are gained from it.

Anonymous said...

I think the one flag being active at any one time in wsg would be the best idea ever, but all that would turn into is which side has better AOE as everyone runs as a giant ball around the field. Again agree completely about the length of AV needs to be the longest.

Euripedes said...

WSG has suffered from a lack of a "timer" for an incredibly long time.

They fixed AV, timer wise, I expect WSG will follow suit shortly.

However, don't expect more NPC's in AV. Those were all removed for the sake of streamlining AV, and trying to bring back a certain level of "pee vee pee" to the battleground. That's also why vann/drek were ruthlessly nerfed.
I think they just want to make Prot Warriors cry.

Smokybg said...

If you want real PvP in AV, go to the 51-60 bracket. I'm currently on my first character, a level 60 hunter, and I have yet to see a game last less than half an hour; just yesterday I was in an hour-long standoff that finished H - 0, A - 11 reinforcements... OTOH, my best friend rarely sees an AV that lasts longer than 15 minutes on his 70 warrior, and he's in the same battlegroup as me...Last time I watched him: 2 AVs, an AB and an EotS finished = less than 50 honor kills...

Anonymous said...

I wish Blizz would spend the time and develop some more PVP. More BGs different styles of games, maybe even random maps. PVE-ers can QQ all they want but WOW is PVP and the majority of players are doing it. It's time Blizz stop treating PVP like and after thought!

Zball said...

I chuckle at Maj. Zball no PvP. Well, not really. Not hardcore. I've got no desire to get all the fun PvP gear (even though his server has no Horde) for him. Unless I transfer him to my hunter's server, he's a bit retired. Still eats other mages though. I use him to take out my pally frustrations.

But I miss AV. Long queues for... 2 kills? It's ridiculous. I just want to kill lots of Hordies in a massive environment. Most of the time we skip Galv because it takes too much time to kill him. Who cares?

Le sigh. Looks like Ill stick to D and fend off the Horde zerg.

Karl said...

gotta disagree with you.

you want me to grind in AV for 45 min for 500 honor?.. you're nuts! 300+ honor in 10 min suits me just fine.

The funny thing is, the announced AV changes will only produce the same result, with more honor. The towers will be rushed, and then Drek or Van will be killed.

It's all about the fastest HP, not the experience.