Sunday, January 6, 2008

of cabbages and kings...

47 min av queue.
Ouch. The days of honor farming are over. So peeps with tons of pvp items now might have an insurmountable head start...

Oh, and how bad is Melvin's arena team?

They asked Maj to fill in, and pugged a 47/14 BM hunter. Maj has 80 resil, 7500 health, and is arcane spec...

Quote of the night. "Mana burn just doesn't do enough damage to use in arena..." -Emp.

Melvin quote of the night... "I remembered to use Blood Lust that time!"


sonvar said...

47 min queue. Wow I haven't run into that quite yet. I've had a 6 min queue with it but not that long.

Shifttusk said...

Quote of the night. "Mana burn just doesn't do enough damage to use in arena..." -Emp.


all I have to say is hunter lock priest druid paladin. Its rediculous. Viper drainmana manaburn next. Mana draining is so rediculously overpowered when used in the proper lineup.

4 DPS with a priest mainhealing is not the lineup though :P

Megan said...

Could go with "2345" Mana Burn also.

Hunter Marksmanship
Paladin Holy
Priest Discipline
Shaman Elemental
Warlock SL/SL

Pop CC's, pop Heroism, burn burn burn, 2 pets to keep people from drinking, mop up and win. Lost over 30 points to teams like this last night.

I'll do you one better for quotes, from early Season 1 days..

"Why weren't you on their Lock?"
"There was a Lock?"

Dagashai said...

Megan, love.


Damn ally trolls. Yuil learn, oh yes you will...

Shifttusk said...

Oh megs you just wait team mana bannana is coming for you in 5s