Friday, January 11, 2008

One must have a mind of winter

Thanks to those that liked the journey into Lewis Carrol. I started a new thread, one of my favorite poems, even if every douchbag Philosophy/Literature PhD uses it in their Dissertation...

And a coupla poem recommendations for BRK and the ex military crowd.


and Gunga Din

Imma big fan of Kipling.

Anyway, the mailbag...

Dear Dagashai, Ima MM hunter, just going into arena. I was thinking 2v2... what class/spec should I look to for a partner?

Resto Druid.

Dear Dagashai, MM hunters suck. But my Enhance shammy is going into arena 2v2. What class spec should I partner with?

Resto Druid.

Dear Dagashai, does Mabd ever fear that with her internationally best selling swimsuit calendar achieving such notoriety, she might not be taken seriously as a hunter anymore? And tell her I love that Shadowmoon shot on the back of that dragon!

Strangely, the topic hasn't come up since she got her season 3 axe. And my personal fav is the Nagrand shot in front of the garadar wolf riders... the squished dwarf at her feet gives nice apposition to her demure, more traditional femininity.

Dear Dagashai, Ima resto druid, looking to get into arena 2v2. What should I look for in a teammate?

The best partner for you would be another resto druid.


Ratshag said...

The November pic be me favorite.

sonvar said...

Wait, there was Dagashai swimsuit calenedar? I don't recall hearing about that though I've got a feeling Ratshag may have been the first buyer of it.

Anyways, so what I'm understanding from your post is that your best partner is a resto druid?

Kirk said...

I've enjoyed your posts, but now I know we'd have severe disagreements. I mean, you LIKE STEVENS? sigh.