Tuesday, January 8, 2008

why the sea is boiling hot...

Unbound's baby BG's are an incresing delight for me. This last WSG.. well... I was showing it to Melvin (his comment... everyone else on yuir team must have sucked) when I realized I led in healing as much as in damage. And the only reason the Allies capped a flag was because we started down 4 peeps. Thanks again Blizz.

The grand, master plan was to get Unbound to 70 and then go resto. I still want to... but enhance is just so much fun. And healers get treated like crap in this game. Sigh. Then there's the question on how to gear her.

Arena is hitting a bad spot. My 3v3 team is developing fractures. Melvin's crew is always there, but well... you know my feelings about that. Mabd is up to 277 Resil, almost 11k health, and 33% (!!) crit. I should be able to do better... I think? Maybe some 2v2 with my pally friend... Hunter/Pally as a combo?

How about Holy Pal/Resto Shammy? Just for the screams of fustration?


Anonymous said...

I say resto shammy/feral druid

sonvar said...

What happened to your group with Herk?

Shifttusk said...

The shift recomended lineups for ya :P

You+FG Lock

I've played with lock and its fun and not too bad. I want to try 2v2 with a druid I just havent found one I like yet.

Go Lock Hunter Priest or Lock Hunter Druid both are fun and with competent players 1800s material in your gear.

I'm keeping my hunter lineup secret till i get 2k Then I'll share.

Graham said...

Man, this is starting to look like BRK's posting before he turned to teaching Hunterisms to young hunters. Every post included a PVP results page, and they were basically all about that ALL the time.

Anyway, looking forward to more to come :P

Orshade said...

MM Hunter + Resto Druid is really your only solid 2v2 for competing. Other 2v2s can get you a decent rating. (Enough to get weapons perhaps)

Grind those bgs and get what you're missing, Youll see you res go up 100+ pts. This requirement of res is the cockblock of finding a good partner these days.

Dammerung said...


Screw hunter PVP!

I want detailed guides and suggestions for ENH Shammy pvp!

Like an Unbound BRK/MEG.

Nods sagely and goes back to hiding.