Thursday, January 31, 2008

For the listener, who listens in the snow,

So I log on last night... grind a little honor... Mabd is close to completing the must have set stuff, and Maj needs about 2k honor to respec frost. And Unbound, poor nub, will need as much damn honor as she can carry.

And I get a /w from Melvin. "We needa nother dps fer Kara..."

K, a bit o background. When last we kara'd, mabd was part of the guild of guilds, the doomed guild, that broke up ina big way cuz it so sucked. I dragged my chars into a pvp guild that promptly shut down, and then into an rpg guild that was filled with hopeless hosers.

Melvin went into a nice big raiding guild that was just about to get Gruul on farm status.

Anyway, Melvin's guild split. Leaving just enough to kara.... most of the time. So last night they were down a player, and asked noble Mabd, she of the quiver of almost endless pain, if she'd fill in.

Mabd v Kara. She's killed as far as curator. Shes halfway to revered, and that sweet sweet violet eye ammo... so what the hell... i said yes. They were gonna start at curator, this would let me get some quests done, and maybe jump start the whole faction thing.

Cuz you know... I've forgotten what its like to be ina party with Melvin...

Now really, the stupid was flying fast and thick... and the latest candidate for the throne of the emperor of all n00bs was a boomkin who not only rolled on all the melee dps gear, but also had a single epic item equipped... gloves that had +str and +expertise.

He had very little +int gear, and ran outta mana all the time. Also, he was doin curator/shade with only 7.5 health, buffed.

But no, the laughs came with Melvin... who has yet to download a totem addon for his shammy.

Me... 6 months ago.. "Ya really need a totem addon..."
3 months ago.. "Ya really need a totem addon..."
Last week... "Ya really need a totem addon..."

So last night, every 3 min during curator and shade...

Raidleader: "Melvin, please drop a mana and wrath of air totem..."

Of course, the best time came after the first wipe on curator... healers ran outta mana. So they swapped the healer outta the tank/melee group to the caster group, and pulled melvin's ele shammy into the tank/melee group.

K... now to lay the bets... what was the class/build of the character melvin got replaced by? Maybe melvin's comment will shed some light on the mystery...

Melvin... "That was stupid... my wrath of air totem really helps the caster group... it was idiotic to pull me out!"

Me... "Ima sure the resto shammy that took your spot so the casters would have another mana tide totem (there were two resto shammies on the raid) will remember to add his wrath of air to the tranquil air totem the other guy was casting... its not like you remember to keep it up, anyway..."

Anyway, I had fun, even if I played way too late... and finally downed Shade and got to do the chess event. Which was a blast... I might try prince with em tonight, tho I doubt they'll have the stones for it...

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Galindon from a far away land said...

Is it ever as bad as an arms warrior trying to damage a boss, while being very defensive and wearing a shield?