Wednesday, November 28, 2007

Black Tuesday!

First off... national blog every friggin day month is almost the hell over. Yay!

And I still got two posts to work on. My number one stalker, Ken, the guy who once got written up for cyber stalking a girl, and then stalked her in real life to see if she was attractive enough to be justifiably defensive about being cyber stalked...

Yeah. I doan understand either.

Also, the SHAMMY POST! And Jabari, buddy... nuttin but appreciation for yuir criticisms of Unbound. My poor shammy needs all the help she can get. Per yuir point, I really wanna try elemental minor just fer laughs, but appreciate the whole resto backup... anyway, more on that in the GREAT SHAMMY POST! IT WILL CHANGE YUIR LIFE!

But today... oh my lord...

K... gotta nother friend coming to visit. Cept this one is one of my oldest buds, his link is on my page, if ya wanna know how twisted he is, read this. Or this.

Bastard would pick the weekend after I get all professor plum. (PURPLZ!)

However, this post is about the craziness that was yesterday. And I mean, unfiltered, absolute, batshit insanity. Area 52 was wall to wall bones. Mabd got 4(!!!!) epics, season 3 hat and gloves, the new mega axe (IT'S STONE! A REAL ORC WEAPON FOR ONCE, INSTEAD OF THAT SISSY GEM BLADED CRAP!) and the season 1 shoulders... finally getting rid of the high warlord shoulders I'd had in one form or another since level 60. I got the +15 agil on gloves, +35 agil on axe, gemmed out everything (+12agil and +3% crit damage meta gem).

And Maj got her season 1 shoulders as well... black and purple and menacing. GRRR.... PH34R t3h CUT3 1NZ.

So, after the warm fuzz of purplz faded a bit, and all enchants and gems were in place... I was left with quite a bit of crap. Gems I'd bought, and didn't need, and tons of enchant mats...

And, well... the trade channel was INSANE.

ER... hrm... now I think I must state...

There is no god but AH... and Majeure has it's profit!

I made 1k gold last night. In three hours. Offa enchant mats (large prisms = 30g, greater planar = 10g) and gems... 45-55g each. My large prisms were selling as fast as I put em up for auction.

This puts me at about 3k gold total. Close to shootin distance for Maj's elite mount. My current project... getting a Vengence Wrap for Mabd. I can't really see a better pvp cloak out there, the new BoJ one is nice, but no way in hell I'm gonna go through what it takes to get it. Anyway, Mabd is at 29.11% crit with the pvp token equipped. And now over 10k health, and 200 resil. Oh baby. Shifty, gonna make you proud...

Time to reorg the arena teams... I gotta disc priest lined up for 2v2, and looking at a 3v3 with Herk and a holy pal. Admittedly, Herk's gear still sucks troll, but well, hesa friend. I can carry him some more. If only to mock him for falling 20 points short of being able to get the season 3 chest. Serves ya right for that damn phone call in the middle of the night.

Looking at some arena for Maj... maybe 3v3 with the other two mages :) Slow is turning into an incredible little spell. And maj got another 800 health yesterday... and will do better as soon as I can get the pvp boots and bracers...


ArmsandFury said...

Carry me?!

I'm getting more purples in a week... god that 20 points bit hurt.

Herk has found a new partner in a Holy Paladin that switched from Ret spec. He is aggresive and knows how to heal.

That's right...

Holy Paladin of Retribution and Arms Warrior with Rage problems. Fear us.

Best part is... I don't have to constantly make sure no one is hitting him and then get fussed at for not hitting the other target >.<

With only playing 8 games together last week, we won 5 with no vent or freaking out. Were they cheap wins? No. We did get stomped into the ground by that Priest/Hunter duo tho.

Maybe Hunter/Warrior was just never meant to be.

Folks gotta understand... it takes a special person to hang with Noobed! Thick skinned, able to learn through mockery/crankiness and slightly insane.

I am such a person!

Dammerung said...


How you guys are still friends I'll never know.

Dammerung the astounded.

Kinzlayer said...

what don't kill you, makes you stronger... like his crazy critz.