Tuesday, November 20, 2007


It's hard to explain yourself to other people. One of the best ways, I think... is a to do list. And a follow up to yesterday's incoherent post. That mage that Arms&Fury and I went 3v3 for... kicked both of us offa his team before points came out today. True, we got more points from our 2v2, but still... no good deed goes unpunished...

To do list for Thanksgiving weekend! (RL)
1. have fun
2. clear tivo crap
3. thankgiving meal with Kimmu!
4. Football!
5. clean apartment

To do list for WOW... Majeure
1. BG tokens
2. AV honor holiday!
3. 10k rep from exalted scryer! Get Arms&Fury off his lazy ass and hit netherstorm like it looked at me funny!
4. Buy some damn gems
5. Steamvault, revered with CC, and farm the +12sta/bracer pattern
6. Forge key to SH
7. Finish Blade's edge, and do some Shadowmoon
8. friggin Sha'tar rep... need about 6k for revered... and the trinket and helm buff

To do list for WOW... Mabd
1. BG tokems
2. AV honor holiday!
3. start looking for a guild to do some damn kara with to get to revered for that new ammo...
4. a little more netherwing rep... like 8k from exalted

To do list for WoW... Unbound
1. Level 66 is too close not to grab...
2. Get Arms&Fury to help farm engineering patterns (adman arrows!)
3. set up bongos for this toon

Now a small to do list for Arms&Fury...
I know you're busy, I know you have a family... but if you have time to burn rest xp on alts, you have time to do this crap...

1. Get revered with CC... I gave you that stack of unidentified plant parts for a reason... namely, so when you turn 70, you'd be a hop skip and jump from revered and that +34 ap, +10 hit helm buff. A SV run is not that difficult...

2. SHUT THE HELL UP about your plans for WotLK! Itsa goddamn year and a half off! We're both gonna burn the hell out and stop playing for about 3 months sometime between now and then..

3. Dude... yuir still only friendly with the scryers? AFTER I spotted you 50 firewing signets? End game my left nut, +13 crit, +25 ap buffs doan do it for you?
If Ratshag can get exalted with scryer, and THEN turn around and get honored with Aldor, you can damn sure move yuir faction up a bit...

4. Remember! I almost died earlier this year. The had to burn my heart... and I still have serious health issues. Please stop giving me crap when I doan feel like playing after putting in 9 hours at work...

5. Grammar! For god's sake... the headline is MABD OWNS! not MABD OWNED!

6. Farm either gold or mats for the Nethercobra leg patch. Legging buff, +a zillion crit and ap. Doan have to get it right now, but sooner or later you gonna get the season 3 legs, and you'll want this ready for that.

A small to do list for Shifttusk.

1. Track down and kill that sonnavabitch.

A small to do list for Ratshag

1. Continue to kick ass and take names. BTW, we found the guy to play you in the movie...

A small to do list for TJ

1. Still waiting for the capitulation post. I suggest you use this as a template...


BRK said...

No homework for BRK? We're gonna gonna make our own list, then:

1) Clear Zul'Aman. 3 of 6 down, Firehawk boss burned our biscuits but we're going back on Wednesday.

2) Heroic BM for the last Exalted rep we need, primal nethers for Nethercobra armor patches, and BoJs, (never forget that "o" btw).

3) Get TJ to mail us our dollar from the Wintersaber mount bet.

4) Publish rumor that the WotLK is coming out Decemeber 1st, 2007.

5) Get drunk enough to buy a Cenarian Expedition epic flying mount. Sober people just don't drop 1600 gold when they have three epic flyin mounts already.

6) Think about moving to Wordpress before realizing how much work is involved.

7) Cooking daily-quests FTW.

8) Keep looking at the Zul'Aman loot lists until we find the obvious Kara upgrades for hunters. No luck as of yet.

9) Resist the temptation to drop Snake Traps in the Blood Elf starting area before we begin ZAs, (you know about the Snake-Trap bug, right?)

10) Consider starting an arena team, then remember that our glass-canon PvE gear - regardless of the massive damage we do - ain't worth sh!t in real PvP.

/shuffle off

Sonvar said...

Well Ratshag got revered with the Aldors to get his chest piece so yeah with that there's no excuse for Arms&Fury not being at least honored with them.

I don't know about the Snake Trap bug please explain.

Also BRK if you want to make an arena team just wait for season 3 to start, buy all the season 1 gear, and then hit arena hard. Thats my plan at the moment. Hopefully this AV weekend will be a good chunk into getting it.

Dagashai said...

A level 70 snake with 5 health chasin a level 8 toon?

Are you a formal worshipper of satan, or just a friend?

And I WANNA BIRDY mount fer Maj... I just too poor right now :(

Oh, and didn't you promise us a "faction ain't worth it" post some time ago?

Lance said...

I have a list also:

1. Not play WoW at all since I will be outta town.

2. Go Hunting with Father-in-law and hope he doesn't Dick Cheney me.

3. Enjoy three meals in one day.

4. hopefully play WoW sunday night and try and get some honor in AV.

5. try and read blogs whenever I get a chance.

Ratshag said...

So now I's the peer-pressure stick, to be smacked upon the arses of thems what ain't got enoughs faction rep? Bugger that.

And just for clarificationizing, do you want TJ to use the first Wanda quote for a template, or the second? Both good, but very, very different ...