Friday, November 9, 2007

Need a paladin, badly!

Curse the irrational one!

I yield. I can't beat her. I thought I could, that someone who swooned at a concert by a Michael Jackson cover band was nothing to fear.

Karma? What karma? Why would there be karmic reprecussions from tormenting a warlock?

Jeez, I learned my lesson. She laid a curse on me. I doan know how, didn't even see the damn casting bar pop up over her. But I can't get it dispelled by any of the mages I know... must be a GREATER CURSE! My only hope is a blessing of protection... so I'm looking for a paladin...

Here's the deal. I know a lotta screwed up people. One of them is the most unlucky human beings on earth. First, he's mental. As in, on meds mental. As in, you doan wanna see him when he's off his meds, and this isn't a joke. And, like many people in that position... he doesn't take em regularly cuz they make him sick. He's been getting paranoid lately... understandable, considering his position...

Second... he has unfortunate looks. He's 32, bald, pudgy, and short. And asian, with glasses. AND he has a bad stutter.

Third... he has hepatitis. HE INHERITED IT. Can you imagine a worse roll of the genetic dice?

Fourth... he's unemployed and living with his mother. And his mother is at an assisted living for the elderly place. Hence the curent situation... too many people at the rest home are beginning to take exception to his presence. And he's not gonna be able to pretend to be "just visiting" his mother much longer...

You see the setup? He's gonna crash at my place this weekend. Damn, three day weekend too, I was looking forward to the peace and quiet.

He's a good person, smart, and not unemployable. He's actually a decent copy editor, and thats how hes been making money lately. He should be able to get a job pretty soon. Prob is, it won't pay well, and NoVa/DC is expensive. But I'm getting the sense that he's near the end of his rope. I want to help, but I have the sense of doom, that this will not end well...

Bah. Thanks a lot, evil one. Pally? Anyone? I got fish!

Anyway, Z... you gotta put out man... I know I can beat frost mages... but I need a bit more detail... how much health does the elemental have at 70? Is it a good idea to toast him as soon as possible?

You neglect the crucial advantage of the arcane/fire mage... range of 41! Frosties need to get within range of the nova and CoC to get best use of their damage. A decent fire mage should be able to get a good hit or two on you before you get near range. Again, you have a sick advantage, but it's not insurmountable...

And here's a thought... Maj has been using ice lance a lot lately... the damage she does with it has about a 33% chance of breaking the nova, so she gets a few hits off before the mob breaks... ice build does so much damage, I can't see the nova lasting beyond the first hit...

Whats better, hopping backwards while spamming ice lance on a frozen target for about 800, or that one 2.5k hit? BTW... Melvin doesn't use ice lance... except to pull.

Shifty... more bad news... was talkin to my boomkin expert. Thersa talent that gives 70% resist to pushback on wrath.

Ouchies. Next time I fight one, I'll pop aspect of wild, and see how the 70 resist helps...

Did four arena games last night... and Arms&Fury had a coupla executes dodged (ending with the other warrior getting his execute off...) while I kept the healer controlled. A&F was soooo mad...

Ended up 2-2, but learned some good lessons. Hope to get some more experience this weekend.


Shifttusk said...

Use your range young man!

He has to sit and cast!

You must run and arcane shot heem!

Seriously though based on what we're looking at if you guys sit and pound each other using your respective 1.5s casts its a wash

Steady -> 550
Auto -> 500
Pet -> 100


Wrath -> 1100.

Sitting there and traiding blows is going to lead you to crying about boomkin armor. I don't think trading hawk for wild is the solution 70NR is nice however its better used in a situation where your entire team is going to benefit. 1v1 you need your dps.

Stay far away, pop off instants and autos and traps and get a lead. Don't get stuck in a steady vs wrath war.

Zball said...

It never stops!

Here's the thing about the water elemental: it's a windserpent. If a target sits outside it's range, it moves to get in range and begins to cast. The ranged Frost Nova has a range of 30 yards from the elemental.

Health and mana are all based on the sta and int of the mage, so you'll see some fluctuation. I'll probably end up respeccing back to frost since I don't really raid anymore and I enjoyed it a lot better. I'll give my experience once I do.

Ignoring the elemental can be a mistake, but there's no Soul Link here, so it's not hard to take down. It's all situational. The WE Frost Nova has a 25 second cooldown. He lives for 45 seconds. Was he casting or moving the entire time? How much mana does he have left? Lots of questions.

Personal example: 66 mage vs. 70 holy/disc priest. I averaged 3-4 Ice Lances while he was frozen or a frostbolt and Ice Lance before it broke. Ignite procs count as damage done on your Frost Nova. Just a thought.

TJ said...

/explodes with completely and totally rational rage

bm said...

as a frost mage i can tell you the best think i like to pull when a target gets frost nova'ed is cast frostbolt and right when frostbolt finishes cast ice lance. the 2 spells will end up hitting the target at the same time so if the frost nova breaks on the first hit the 2 spells hit at the same time and both have the chance to crit from shatter. if they dont break from that barage of damage throw another ice lance and cone of cold hoping to proc frostbite rinse and repeat.

bm said...

best case senario is the mage will use his ele frost nova first then his own and then the ele nova one last time before it disappears and his own so you are looking at about 3-4 frost novas from a frost mage in the 45 seconds the ele is out. watch for the mage to cold snap as well. that will finish off all his cooldowns