Monday, November 26, 2007

X-mas eve!

Tomorrow is the day! When all our dreams come true, and Santa Arena Vendor leaves lotsa nice purplz under the tree for us.

(Death to the alliance.)

When all good wow players unite in the spirit of the game... raw stinkin item greed, baby. On this one day, we are as children, filled with the sense of wonder and togetherness...

(Death to the alliance.)

Ah me, I can't wait to see all the wonderful bragging as hard won trophies are gemmed, enchanted, patched, and then put to their intended use...

Killing alliance.


Sonvar said...

And I'll just laugh as you get pwned by lvl 70 noob alliance character.

Shifttusk said...

Mabd What are you getting?

Shift is investing in:
S3 Head (+20ap gem +12agil 3% critdmg gem)
S3 Gloves (+15 agil)
S3 Axey (+35 agil)
S1 Panties (+40sta +12 agil)

At the cost of 4k Arena Pts and 21k Honor. But that leaves me with a crapton of extra honor to blow! I'm thinking rink 15k as well as neck and bracers with the other two pvp epic gems. Not sure but I cant wait!